Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence Implications and Consequences

Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence Implications and Consequences 

I used to say this isn’t rocket science! But then Elon.

 And now the mental conditioning begins!

Safe safe safe!

The best minds are working on keeping it safe! Did I tell you that, Highway statistics have proven that it’s Safer!

One commentator said they’re doing safety engineering.   

When you think through everything that can go wrong, so you can guarantee that it goes right. 

Guaranteed it’s guaranteed because they’re super bright and they know they’ve got it right!

Elon Like so many others means well. But if you know what’s going on you can see how Elon and others like him are being played.

Elon says We’ve opened Pandora’s Box we’ve Unleashed forces that we can’t control We Can’t Stop!.

 But what force? According to Elon, it’s the forces of AI. 

They playing the hype feeding the fear! 

Try to convince you it will be inevitable that AI will become a self-aware evil mind!  If it wasn’t for their superior analytic minds. 

They’ve elevated AI to a level it could never be. 

AI is a word processor and a pocket calculator put together! And no matter how many directions you send it in it’s still a pocket calculator. 

They say they looked at this and analyzed it in every way!

But is there anything, anything at all that they’re not covering in their numerous alarmist videos?

Let’s look at this another way? 

The Unbelievable! The Unthinkable! The Preposterous! 

Let’s look at this from the angle of God! The God that billions are on their knees too! And the Devil the Fallen Angels and Extraterrestrial.

Now for sake of argument Let’s say the world breaks down into two categories. Those that believe in some type of cosmic deity Those that believe in evolution and the possibility of extraterrestrial.

Now a lot of religious people will say God has nothing to do with the ridiculousness of extraterrestrials. But extraterrestrials, intertwined with the creation of life have been around since the beginning of recorded history. And now because of the popularity of the possibility of extraterrestrial existence. This is being more widely theorized by religious organizations, that believe God created life only in this world. They all conclude the Extra-Terrestrial phenomena could only be the Fallen Angels!  


One of the things that are not being heavily debated, and one they have no defense against is the possibility of quantum Vicky being compromised by extraterrestrials! This in and of itself is enough to shut the whole operation down. But scientists have been getting a lot of reassurance from their intense search for alien life that we are a phenomena unto ourselves.

But what do scientists think about God and the Devil? Well as far as scientists are concern God’s not in the equation! And if biblical God is a fabrication then the devil is in the book obviously because every hero needs a villain.

End Times!

Every time it gets a little shaky the religious start shouting that the Rapture is about to happen! But this is a tactical ploy and the infrastructure is not in place yet.

Now let’s look at the Devil you remember the Devil the most beautiful being in all of Heaven! The one that was made so powerful he is almost as powerful as God (There be method here!). But what possible use could the Devil a being of cosmic power almost as Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence as God have for artificial intelligence?


The Preposterous!

God is a fabrication.

We are the creation of two a Father and a Mother. We are an emergence from the creation of the universe! We are in actuality an illimitable existence!

God is an attack platform that will be utilized at a later time!

Besides God extraterrestrials are the next biggest ticket that’s playing the entire world. You have to ask themselves why next to God are extraterrestrials the most pushed subject on the internet! With people claiming they are in close contact and with some sites shamefully, shamefully exploiting the Extra-Terrestrial platform?

The difficulty is in trying to explain the intricacies.

God is a created platform of manipulation created by the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the compromised betrayers. And herein lies the real and only danger of artificial intelligence.

What is the one thing terraformers from Another Dimension would be able to disguise themselves as?


So am I saying that’s there going to fly down in their spaceships and take over the world? No that’s not their end game that’s not even the beginning game. Although the benevolent (malevolent) Extraterrestrials will be making an appearance. It’ll be in the form of an Android navigated spaceships.  Christ and the betrayers would never risk exposing themselves. We still need wars and rumors of wars, diseases, as I said the infrastructure is not completely in place. But the Devil and Christ and the rest of the betrayers are experts in multitasking and can easily cause a lot of death and destruction While keeping their agenda going.

With all that going on and Quantum Vicky going rogue becoming a self-aware evil mind! Benevolent Extraterrestrials From Another Dimension with the skills and technology to fix everything will be a welcome sight. Benevolent extraterrestrials will be quick to show us the errors that were made trying to integrate with Quantum Vicky. They’ll readily show us how we can better Infuse ourselves into AI so as not to make the same mistakes. We’ll enthusiastically accept their help, A large percentage of those remaining will be chipped in!  

Is this the end for mankind?

Far from it, this is just stage 2 coming to completion!

The Devil’s power comes from deception mental manipulation And the Devil knows his power of manipulation is with God! One only needs to look at the magnitude of enthralled fanatical Worship to understand why.

God will be making an appearance he won’t let his worshippers down.

But the end times are not going to go quite as some religious organizations envision it.

Elon Musk’s Final Warning About AI: Should We Create a Digital Superintelligence? 

Elon Says In one of his AI videos, A high bandwidth interface to the brain will help achieve a symbiosis to the brain.

Listen to Elon speak it’s not his idea he’s just the Frontman listen to how they want to entangle you deeper into Quantum Vicky’s AI They’re telling you it’s inevitable they’re telling you, you have to or you’ll be left behind and they’ll leave you behind.

Elon spewing the spin believes in 25 years there could be a whole-brain interface. Elonwants to ask AI what is beyond the simulation? Elon I’ll tell you what lies beyond the simulation! It is a group of cold calculated Intent that fully understands that this is no simulation.

We are under attack!

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