“You need to hear it, THEY aren’t what you think”

A former director of the French Foreign intelligence agency DGSE has made a statement about the UFO phenomena suggesting that it is inter-dimensional in nature  (also extra-dimensional and other-dimensional)

And now the preparation, the conditioning! The process of acclimating starts!

He says it’s, beyond the grasp of human understanding. 

He says it’s a matter of something escaping us.


The World will be brought to comprehension but it will be a manipulated comprehension a false comprehension. 

Any beings showing up claiming they are entities From Another Dimension (Which in actuality they will be, just not from where they are appearing from.) They will be believed by a large percentage of the population some enthusiastically. Except for devoted religious people, this event would divide the world into basically two large divisions

 The World is being manipulated to grasp an understanding that is a lie a manipulation. The Devil Christ and the rest of the betrayers are bringing their plan to fruition with more mental conditioning.

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