This blog is about to bring you on a journey.

This blog is about to bring you on a journey.

A journey to the TRUTH!

The Religious will refuse to believe it!

Atheists will refuse to believe it!

A lot of people are going to get hostile. A lot of people are going to laugh. A lot of people will ignore this.

Don’t be deceived.

This message is about the existence of Our Father and Mother!

And the Devil’s God Deception!

You can search the depths of the internet! You can search the endless YouTube videos!

You will not find it; it’s not there!

The World is being deceived!

My message is basic and straightforward it’s on the front lines of awareness.

I speak to the deceit that is happening in this world that everyone is unaware of the lies and deception of God!

I am our Father’s Appointed I make no claim to Divinity. I’m not a Prophet, or a Guru, or a Psychic, and I don’t make predictions, I’m not a Spirit Guide channeling messages or a Space Alien Channeler, the follies of all of them l post on. Nor, am I a messenger relaying ongoing messages.

Although I do have a message.

Our Father and Mother are not God’s they are Family.

And we are under attack by an entity Our Father referred to as the Devil.

I have spent the better part of my life, being confronted by this Entity and the betrayers that stand with it! Everything I tell You in this blog, I have personally experienced. I am under no directive I post to bring forth this information.

 The World’s People are too far gone to help themselves, our minds are saturated from religious, spiritual, and extraterrestrial nonsense and the ape-man! We have been bombarded to the point where we have bought the lies hook line and sinker!

You have Been Deceived! It has You! But, You Don’t Know It! The Time is Coming! They have been preparing you! It’s right in front of you!

But you can’t see it!

There’s no God; God doesn’t exist! There is a Devil, but it is nowhere near a God. And there is our Father and Mother, not Gods either. But are very loving beings who are extremely intelligent they use their knowledge to send us here to terraform the solar system.

Unfortunately, the Devil, an entity consumed with hate, found a way to compromise this incredible accomplishment that our Father was able to achieve. By compromising a group that was involved in the terraforming of the solar system. It holds no God power. It stole the technology it uses in its God deception what power it has the Devil achieved from being a thief.

Now, this leads to the question If there is no God what is stopping the Devil from bursting on the scene and bossing everyone around. Who says, the Devil hasn’t (remember the Sumerians and the city of Atlantis). There are a few reasons why it isn’t. Now, this is a powerful terraforming technology, but it was not designed to do what the Devil wants and has been doing with it.

And this is where the Devil’s problem is; the Devil can’t control the masses, what the Devil desires which is the kill, Our Celestial Father the Devil’s only real threat. Will take an incredibly dedicated population of people — functioning capable people. It can not just pull people out of a cave and have them build big powerful industrial complexes. It needs the people to have a real familiarization with the environment of technology it wants. And it is going to take a long time to build the technology. Maybe even a thousand years hence the Thousand-Year reign. As you read this, it is actively involved in the creation of artificially intelligent Androids to assist! When it sets up what it can not back up, it will want a strong mental base established. Forewarned is forearmed in this blog is information that could help you, should you encounter this entity of hate and the group of betrayers that stand with it.

I imagine that this sounds pretty ridiculous compared to crawling out of a bonanza of life ooze pit in an otherwise dead universe. And changing from a monkey into a human, into a place that’s just naturally insane and people see visions and claimed they’re in communication with beings they believe Superior just for the hell of it. Or coming from an all that ever was oddly mad-minded God. Who has a thing for hurting Families and with a bad guy on the side. But if you think about it? I believe you’ll see we are more than we understand, in something bigger than we can understand, and we are being played!

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