There is an overwhelming need to believe.

There is an overwhelming need to believe.

We are all confused human beings! We don’t know where we are! We don’t know how we got here! We don’t know where we’re going! We don’t know if we’re going, to be going anywhere! But we know we’re going to die!

So we grab ahold of something package to look wholesome and good. We read words, they tell us to Worship and to Obey! And it’s exactly what we do! To the point of enthralled absolutes, there is a very serious danger with this.

They push this God with a mental frenzy with an urgency the likes of which have never been seen to this God who is a mental illness!

If there’s no God, then who is talking in my head?

That would be the Devil!

Until the World comes to an understanding of the lies of God! And the reason for this lie, and all the other numerous lies, “Christ for instance.” It’ll be impossible for us to achieve the understanding necessary to defend ourselves!

The reason this is so hard for so many to understand is that this is a mental attack, from an evil entity!

I fight against an Evil that has Infected the Entire World!

All the People on this Planet suffer from the attacks of this Evil Entity and the ones that stand with it! Christ and the rest of the betrayers.

We can’t get past stage one until your perception of what is actually happening can be elevated!

So that you can acknowledge something, that can only seem preposterous to you in your present state of Mind!

And that is that we’re under attack!

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