Get out of my head!

Whoa, whoa hold on take a step back you can do this! 

What you’re experiencing the attack you’re experiencing is not what you think! 

It’s not demonic entities swelling about in the midst of you!

 It’s not because you’re a horrible person deserving torment! 

There is nothing It can say in your head that can hurt you if you stay focused! 

See, the Ridiculousness in this. See the humor in the ridiculousness it’s virtually impossible to stay calm but try not to succumb to panic! Concentrate on how this is not scary this is ridiculous. This technique is not always successful and is only effective during extreme intensity attacks where the devil’s intention is to cause harm. This form of intense attack can cause both mental and physical damage.

Yes, it can say things in a sick sickening way and it knows things that no one you should know it is attempting to entrap you into a form of semi incoherent submission.

People, will succumb to these evil attacks because they have no way to understand the how, what, why about it! Understanding is the key to fighting back.

It is not that mental illness does not exist. It is that their, attacks depending on their, intensity will sometimes appear as, a mental illness attack.

These posts should enable you should the need arise to confront that, which you refuse to believe exist.

Understand this is not so much a Blog as they call them as it is an information dump. This group of evil intent can be confronted if it can be understood.

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