End Time Videos.

End-time Videos can be entertaining some are actually pretty good (But, then they would be having been professionally done) if you like that kind of stuff. But when you watch this stuff try to remember that it is the Devil who is behind this.

One video caught my attention there was a preacher in this video from some Church he said he was talking to God and God had given him a prophetic message he said he know it was God who was talking to him because he could go into the Bible and cross-check himself.

The only problem with that is that the Devil wrote the book! If you are going to look at End Time videos remember that the Devil is playing both parts in the story.

Try to understand what the Devil wants, why would he do the things he did and is going to do just to go to hell. The Devil has done what he has done because he believes he can “Win” that which he wants most! Which is to kill Our Father!

It is not to bad mouth you and deceive you and then end up in Hell with you.

YouTube; is a platform that is used, with a cunning mechanism, of frenzied fanaticism.

Designed for the Purpose of a Multi Frontal Attack of Mental Direction/Manipulation.

You have been Conditioned to perceive Evil, as entities of a demonic nature. Demons pursuing a Singularity of Attack, by a multitude.

It is not Demonic Angels, Whispering Magical Demonic Spells at you to trick you, into having God, throw you into hell to be tormented. Something you’re told, you can simply wave your hand and say Magical Bible Words to and the evil entities will run away scared. Nothing but their own desire to leave will get them to go away.

When in truth it’s a Machine of Piranhas, a process of thought, attacking with a singularity of mission to itself. Leading into a combined force, for the devil’s objective! Before, the shark moves in the piranha’s attack! 

One method, in use, is to bombard you with a multitude of manipulating creativeness in a maze of misdirection and manipulation designed to numb you to the truth. The world has been dummied down and numbed up.

There’s an unbelievable amount of religious nonsense out there. A bunch of religious propaganda nonsense. You have to ask yourself why? And the answer is very disturbing. Ask yourself, why God needs to propagate himself so badly. Why do we hear so much about how God is good. If that were so, wouldn’t you already know? You have been deceived, and the Devil’s Laughing. You have to try and understand the Devil wants you to believe in God it wants you to worship God wants you to obey, to be complacent.

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