You’ve Been Mind-Controlled!

Hi, God here there, everywhere!

I appreciate how everybody’s been talking me up lately.

Have you ever noticed how I don’t have to do it for myself?

 Just thought I’d let you know. 

It matters not who counts the votes to me they are all puppets! I control them all.  I would count them myself but I’m big and round I bounce all around! And I have really short arms! That’s why I need help blowing people up!

You are unaware of this. But an evil has taken control of this planet. It took control long before you came into this world. It knows you better than you know yourself. And it is determined to kill you.

The Devil knows how to play people. It made up religion. It knows how and who to play to propagate it’s agender

God and Religion is a Weapon of the Devil’s, and It has Ensnared You With It. A Lie So Well Executed, So Well Hidden, That it, Can Not Be Conceived.

A Cunning Manipulator the Devil has Moved Us in a Direction, He Wants Us At.

⦁ IT has control of Powerful People.

⦁ IT controls World Events.

⦁ IT controls Technology.

You have been deceived, and the Devil’s Laughing. You have to try and understand the Devil wants you to believe in God it wants you to worship God wants you to obey, to be complacent.

God’s the Devil you say, well I didn’t see that one coming I wouldn’t have thought of that one. That’s their objective you don’t see it and you can not believe it. Vehemently you will fight this realization even though the majority of people have never met this God. You do this because of what the Devil has done to us. This is the cunning of our enemy.

Our salvation will not come from God, which is actually the Devil! Or Christ who has actually been compromised by this entity but will come from Our Father and Mother. My message is about the truth of the existence of Our Father and Mother and the Devil’s, God Deception! 

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