In Search of Human Origins …The Anunnaki Connection

In Search of Human Origins …The Anunnaki Connection

Anyone watching this video would never realize the undercurrent of deviousness that permeates this video. They have no idea what they are perpetrating. One example is its seemingly harmless hypothesis pitching the Anunnaki as possibly and more likely coming from another dimension! Another is their reinforcements of subservientness.

It’s easy to fall into believing this stuff when you don’t know the truth And it’s impossible to understand/comprehend the truth, that’s why I post. During the time of the Anunnaki, they hadn’t worked out all the details. Understand this wasn’t  planned this is a group compromised. It was within this time before the Abrahamic religions that they realized they had to go in a different direction. 

On this site, you will learn why there is no intervention from Our Father and Mother. Why the world is so afflicted. Why, the Abrahamic Religion is, the way that it is. Why there are so many other religious beliefs. What, the Devil, is really trying to accomplish. How Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers plan to accomplish it.

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