Is The Devil Really Smart, Or Are We Just Really Stupid!?

Is The Devil Really Smart, Or Are We Just Really Stupid!

From a Religious perspective, if the Devil is intelligent, would he have done what he did to go against an All-powerful, infinite God? Some of the religious believe that such a thing is feasible.

The Atheist, see all the past religions as just a natural flow from a primitive Society.

The Aztec people are an excellent example of this. The religious claimed the Aztec religion was demonic! Never questioning why they’re all-powerful loving God would allow his loved ones to be so brutally sacrificed to a false god!

The religious believe they were only people who hadn’t received the truth yet!

In the World, from the Atheist community to the Religious community the Devil’s influences have been heavily entrenched, and it is visible. The Devil has bombarded the world with erroneous information the religious are as trapped with their mistaken beliefs as the atheist, neither can see what’s in front of them!

These singularities of thought will be a significant hindrance to the awareness needed for self-preservation!

There Is No God!

The Devil is smart enough to deceive and manipulate billions through the years! The Devil has them on their knees worshiping a demanding and distant God that they call loving!

If Devil is stupid? How and where is it stupid.

The Devil is capable of strategic thought; it’s a predator!

The Devil has taken a lot of thought and planning. As it stands, he has been extremely successful in all aspects of mental manipulation to control the People of this World. This alone is not so much an indicator of the Devil’s intellect, as it is an indicator of the Devil’s abilities to take advantage of an opportunity and to lower our reasoning abilities! There is no reason that people on either side of the religious argument would not see that there is a severe situation happening here, without people’s reasoning ability being directly manipulated, leaving us a fragmented people easily defeatable!

The Devil is thoroughly educated on every aspect of our existence!

The Devil has educated himself on every aspect of what it is standing in front of him!. And it believes, with absolute belief, that it knows how to destroy all of us. Just look at how the religious carry on, an Worship, and call him a loving God! The Devil has educated itself on exactly how to use Us, to Kill Ourselves!

In these considerations, One could easily conclude that the Devil must be an extremely intelligent entity?

But the Devil is not an infinite cosmic intelligence! And we are not under attack by the best looking guy in heaven

In the following, will see that the Devil is not so much an extremely intelligent being as it is an extremely clever cunning entity.

The Devil is thought of as a Singularity with a multitude of Minions under him.

This is a lie, a cunning deception!

There is an unknown an ununderstood veritable the infinitely incomprehensibly inconceivableness! And it is that we are in actuality under attack from entities who are not only highly intelligent but in actuality are us! Or at least they were us before they were compromised and became the cold-blooded entities that they are now.

We are an impossibility that is! We are an incredibly highly evolved people or at least we were before this horrific event happened.

Our psychological being is a direct result of actions by the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers!

The Devil’s power comes from deception and manipulation of not only us. But also highly evolved extremely intelligent terraforming scientists. Understanding this is to understand (alarmingly) the incredible degree of higher intelligence “compromised” that has and is actually working against us.

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