They’re, telling you, You woke up! That ought to tell you something!

 Leonardo, like the World, only thought he had woken up.

You want to Spread the Love, Spread the Good. That is a commendable thing, You are a Good Person and You Have a Good Heart.

But you are Under Attack by an Entity who Sees this as A Weakness.  Our Enemy knows how and what to do to Achieve its Desire. The Devil uses the fact that you are a Good Person that you are Loving. It has Deceived you into Believing that through Religion, you can Change All the Wrong in The World. That Religion is the Only Answer to all the Problems in the World. The Devil is all about Hate and Jealousy for Our Father The Devil’s Plan has been Well Thought Out, and Carefully Put into Action. And the World has been deceived. You want to spread the love, but you are helping the Devil to accomplish its Plan.

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