They found no mystical entities to hand them the Magic Orb!

Ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew traditionally made from vines and leaves of the Amazon rainforest. The drink is typically prepared as part of a shamanic ceremony and associated with unusual and vivid visions or hallucinations. 

The Devil and, Christ are on the move with this substance.

This substance has not escaped the eyes of the research community there has been a lot of research done on this substance. In places like the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London. Especially when it came to the attention of the public that they were reported to be entities within these substances extraterrestrial. That people were claiming to have religious experiences while under the influence of these substances and encountering an entity claiming to be the Mother Goddess!

So being concerned scientists that they are they formed research groups and drugged the hell out of volunteers hoping to speak to these entities.

Well I started looking through their research papers I didn’t get far I feel sincere sympathy for you I’m willing to bet these guys watch the dry eye guy for excitement. 

Anyway, I know what they found… nothing! All they found was a trippy little dream state! “Fry your brain it will” They, say it has a lot of health properties cure all the mental illness in the world. But they found no mystical entities to hand them the Magic Orb! 

So what’s been going on could it be the acid heads got it wrong? No, the Dimensional Extraterrestrial along with their Mother Goddess are still there! 

So why can’t the scientist find them, it is not yet time! The problem the scientist has, the flaw with the scientific research is they are living, a lie! These entities will be making an appearance sometime in the near future although it will be in the form of representation. 

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