Remnants of an Ancient Battle in Our Solar System..

Remnants of an Ancient Battle in Our Solar System… (Strange Space Anomalies)

God, Anunnaki, and multi-level simulators!

Chris wants it all, God, the Anunnaki, Multi-level computer board simulations ,and Ancient ones You can’t have it all Chris. Chris is one of the Devil’s spew men and in this video he’s in full spew. Along with George pulling up the rear. Can you see the current of evil running to this video? This is the Devil and Christ as always working their program.

 When Chris was asked if he believed God didn’t exist he said I personally believe that God does exist in my opinion just because quantum physics proves that there is a creator of this realm everything has a specific design and mathematically you can calculate it so I believe that there was a Creator.

So, 1 Apple + 1 Apple = God.

Chris and George talk about the Anunnaki pretending to be Gods and that God in the bible is just an extension of that. 

Chris goes on to say, what happened in the Bible I don’t believe that the people talking in the Bible that are saying that they are God I don’t believe that’s the creator of the universe I think those are Annunaki or Advanced beings masquerading as a God but they’re not the actual creator of the universe itself

Well, they’re in the ballpark. George and Chris like so many others think they got it  figured out. 

But like a bad marksman, they keep missing the target!

He says they’re sitting there and without answers, I’ll give them answers but I doubt they’ll believe me.

We are more than is understood, we are a highly avenged existence. We were here on a mission sent here by our  Father to terraform the solar system. This was a highly advanced extremely ambitious endeavor. This endeavor was thrown into total disarray when the Devil compromised a group of terraforming scientists Causing them to commit an act of betrayal. The destructive effects of their actions are recorded in the damage done to the solar system.

At the time of the Anunnaki the Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayers hadn’t worked out all the details on how to kill our Father when they realize they needed to go in another direction. Keep in mind during this time they were also involved in the creation of all the religions in the world. They blew up all the evidence of what they were trying to do and all the people they had been manipulating in their Quest! But (note) they did take the gold!

Kalki Avatar The Apocalyptic Horse Rider.

And then they went into stealth mode incorporating mental manipulation into this strategy e.g. Voices in your head, visions of Christ!  This is when the Devil perfected the Mind Manipulator! (modified technology used for animal control) This is how you hear God’s voice!

George Noory asks: Could somebody quickly wipe us out? Merely erase us by hitting a key on a board? Chris replied it’s very possible.

And the monkey flips the switch!

If things keep going the way they are it is not only possible it’s inevitable. 

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