SETI’s search for aliens needs to come home.

The SETI Institute was incorporated as a California Non-Profit Corporation on November 20, 1984. The inaugural officers of the Institute were CEO Thomas Pierson and SETI scientist Jill Tarter the Institute began operations on February 1, 1985.

NASA’s SETI efforts, which ran from the 1970s to the 1990s, consumed about $110 million across 20 years Breakthrough Listen is a project to search for intelligent extraterrestrial communications in the Universe. With $100 million in funding and thousands of hours of dedicated telescope time on state-of-the-art facilities, it is the most comprehensive search for alien communications to date. 

Millions of dollars and trillions of miles they, really want to find somebody, anybody but alas, nobody’s there! And they know or at least they are beginning to realize we are alone. But hey the money’s rolling in, so they’ll keep looking. But they’re wrong, we are not alone! They’ve looked everywhere except for one place. They didn’t think to look right in front of themselves! 

There are billions of people all around the world on their knees to one God or another. A good percentage claim to be in communication, some claim to see visions.

There’s no God and we are under siege!

There is an entity in existence the Devil consumed with hate that compromised a small group; this group is Christ and the disciples. This is not about religion these are personas in their cold-blooded Act of deception as is Zeus, Shiva. They were sent here by Our Father.

The Devil and Christ have been  manipulating the world since the beginning. There in full communication with a good number of people on this planet speaking as one entity or another.

Scientists are unwilling to accept that they’re here and actively involved in monitoring and communications with numerous people around the world. They have you in a state of incomprehensibility and denial.

Keep in mind they do not fear  being detected, they have you misdirected although the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico was neglected and allowed to collapse. They want the world actively looking for extraterrestrials. 

We can find their location! 

How can they be detected? This group’s not using mystical mysticism to communicate; they are using highly advanced technology. This technology is a product of science; it has to operate, function within these laws. They are transmitting vast amounts of information daily onto the planet information streams, communication streams they are appearing in visions (think, movie night, video conferencing) to select people around the world.. Monitoring and retrieval streams vocal, photographic info they are in some instances recording entire lifelines… There are obstacles I believe can be overcome If you can somehow dig your way out of your dummy down state of mind. You may be able to comprehend manipulations and be able to fortify cohesion creating new scientific instruments to launch a counter-offensive.

They are just outside our field of awareness and they are not going anywhere they have nowhere to go. This was a highly ambitious endeavor with a considerable amount of hardware and ships. All of these equipment ships are connected to the Mainframe computer through an internet connection. Slightly better than our best which is currently the mmWave spectrum band at 28 GHz a G5 high-speed internet. Which means they are operating somewhere in the 38 GHz, and 73 GHz Bandwidth Or something slightly better than 73 GHz.

The difficulty is in getting you to comprehend the reality of this group! The walls are thick!

We can detect their location but without an awareness of truth encompassing the entire world And without the participation of the entire world, success is questionable…

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