Christ, it’s never been about love!

In the old testament, God is mostly an incompetent mentally unstable killer. In the new testament, they like to say Christ is God’s love manifested.

But the new testament is the Devil’s smile and like any other killer, its true colors emerge.

In all the love, along comes the book of revelation, and wham mister love is back to killing. Does Christ voice objection? No, he’s right in there killing and killing again and again ruthlessly without mercy. Men, women, children, fluffy animals. Killing in all sorts of manners. Does he show any remorse no instead they dehumanize the victims.

Not very loving!

But then, it‘s never been about love!

Do religious people ever bring up the fact that their Christ is nothing but a ruthless killer, again the answer is no, they just talk about how loving he is. Christ so full of love he’ll kill your children while you hold them in your arms. And we can’t forget about the angels, they join him in this joy of killing spree so enthused are they, that they get all dressed up for the occasion.

Your minds are saturated with religious nonsense.

The World has been bombarded to the point where we have bought the lies hook line and sinker.

Christ is love you say, turn the page.

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