The universe, there can be only one!

The universe, there can be only one!

A moment in time!

If no one’s around to hear the tree fall does it make a sound? The answer is yes that’s because the universe is as comprehensive about you as it is of itself. Who says you need meaning of purpose as a prerequisite to exist? But regardless we did have those things and we still do but for all intents and purposes, it seems like we don’t. 

How do you get a whole lot of something out of nothing? Give it time!

The spark of creation!

Once, Upon a Time for a moment, there was nothing absolutely nothing!

Absolutely nothing that could be could be nothing!

But something did appear in nothing as something in time! And time found itself uncontained.

The universe is the creation of absolute nothing encountering time (a nothing in itself that is something) We owe our existence the emergence of Intelligence, Our Father, and Mother to the distance between two points in time! Creation(not evolution) did occur but it wasn’t willed up by Cosmic head cases and it didn’t crawl out of an all-encompassing oozes pit it happened at and because of the dawning of time!

Our Father and Mother came into being in the dawning of time. And now we are on our knees by an entity that wants to kill them!

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