History of Mayan Pyramids, False Christs & T’sao | Dr. Gene Kim

Kim says the Devil is the one who created all these religions! You know, it’s just mind-boggling.

Don’t Let The Facts Get In The Way Of The Truth.

Hot air balloons at Nasca!

Step right up buy your ticket everybody gets to ride the float. Fun for the whole family!

And don’t forget this year’s annual corn competition and human sacrifice at the dawn of dusk!

Hot air balloons at Nasca, well that would explain the ridiculous drawings. One thing the Devil is good at is working in (albeit somewhat fabricated) reality!

Arrr, a wisp of wily. Constructed Subterfuge remember the Devil’s working multi fronts! The Devil’s desire is not to convince you in absolutes of aliens. The Devil’s desire is the entrenchment of two schools of thought. While many will believe aliens with, the Sumerians,(not to say they aren’t there) Egyptians, and, others. The Devil in this instance has openly left a snippet of the truth to be discovered by others.

He brings up a subject he calls extremely dark but he has no idea how dark it really gets The Devil and Christ understood, to make their plan work our embodiment had to be significantly altered.

The Devil Destroyed a Lot of Information in Mexico, South America. What was it they didn’t want the world to see?

Oddly they left a hieroglyphic of their dimensional telescope!

The Devil had a dilemma! Christ and the rest of the betrayers had a wealth of research information they couldn’t use time to destroy? Not quite possessing the intelligence of Our Father, it took some time and a lot of research. Unconcerned the Devil sent in the Spanish to round up and destroy the evidence. The Spaniards had no problem destroying the vast amounts of written material after all they knew it was the Devil’s work.

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