David Icke – My Awakening.

David will bloody well send you all over the place. David likes to tell you we’re Consciousness having and Awareness. That we’re just a computer program that’s been hacked. David, thinks we’re all that ever was is and is to come! Stuck on a computer chip, having a bad day.

You say this is delusional. No David’s not insane in fact he’s quite sane. Dave’s a character a lot of people think Dave’s either an insane nut job or an insincere money grabbing attention-seeker but Dave’s the real deal he’s just been bushwhacked. 

Do not judge David harshly you would succumb as well!

What’s going on with people like David and all the others. How do they get their information? David will tell you this information (Note, technology!) gets beaned to him. In some form that he can sense when it’s starting to happen. And he deciphers the information as he goes along. This information is coming directly from the Devil but why is this information coming through to David and People like him?

David’s the Devil and Christ’s sleight-of-hand man. David’s telling you one message but the true intention is to direct you to another. Look at this bloody nut job, computer boards, reptilians. And now he’s trying to tell you they’re going to control you with that new interface computer chip. I’ve been reading you know an actual sane person’s perspective. And well the bottom line is you’re just going to get left behind. Just like those nuts the Amish what’s their thing they can’t have modern technology? I guess they should be damn happy they showed up after the plow. I’ll tell you one thing about the Amish they need to smarten up and treat their horses better. Anyhow nobody believes this nut you know they kicked him out of Australia. I’ll tell you the problem with these conspiracy theorists and religious fanatics they’re all three fries shy of a Happy Meal. And the world chips in! No Dave’s not insane like the intended audience he’s a victim of his environment.

In case you’re wondering what the purpose is for religious sects they’re used as pin-down units.

David says mass ridicule, it was the greatest gift I ever have been given. Because it’s Set Me Free of the prison that most people live in which is the fear of what other people think. Plus it helps when you know what you know. And as David sees it this is what he knows.  I hope the best for Dave.

The world is encapsulated in something it doesn’t understand People live in denial they have blinders on. They think nothing’s going on yet right in front of them these people exist to keep the herd moving in the right direction.

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