Hangout with CERN: Extra dimensions.

Authors of two of the most cited papers in physics for the past ten years, this hangout features special guest theorists Lisa Randall from Harvard University and Raman Sundrum from University of Maryland, who join CERN physicists to look at how the LHC experiments are investigating extra dimensions.

The plot thickens!

The scientist said kind of scientifically; We’re kind of waiting for the extra dimensions to bring consequences to us.

They know not what cometh!

Little by little the Devil, Christ and the betrayers will bring them into comprehension.

Be careful what you wish for consequences are coming! You say, this is all coincidence If that were so it would also be a Super Coincidence of mathematical impossibility. You can keep your blinders on and say nothing’s going on but if you connect the dots you’ll see they’re lining up, the pieces fit!

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