I’m a Sensible Serious Guy.

I’m a Sensible Serious Guy.

I don’t pay much attention to people. who says our Savior is an Alien.

I don’t believe in Alien Saviors, I think that it’s silly because I’m a sensible, serious guy.

I don’t pay much attention to people. Who says I’m not here and I’m just imagining myself and one day I’ll disappear when I happened to forget, to remember, that I’m not really even here. I think that it’s silly because I’m a sensible, serious guy.

I don’t pay much attention to Barbara. How she loves to try to hypnotically suck you in with her channeled aliens who love us. And want to be our friends they just want to see us make it to the end. I think that it’s silly. Because I’m a sensible, serious guy and anyhow. I already know I’m going to live forever I heard it in my mind.

No, I don’t give them any attention I give all my attention to God. And it’s because of what I heard. It’s because God tells me I’m going to live forever. And it touches my Sensible Serious Side.

God, the Devil’s Pesticide, it kills everything!

It’s hard to explain to a World so entrenched in a mindset the severity of what is happening. The magnitude of the endeavor, what’s really at stake and the beings involved.

It is not that this is too big for you to see. It is that your “mind has been compromised”. You just can not realize that this has happened. You can not see the folly of your thinking.

The Devil does not care about religion, that is just a means to an end, that is why there are so many. It wants the mental conditioning that encompasses the World it wants the controversy. 

The Devil is laughing its head off! And the Devil has the taste of Victory in its mouth.

The Devil has planed what has happened on this planet, right from the beginning. And everything is going as planned. As far as the Devil is concerned it believes it cannot be stopped!

What do the Christians think the Devil (the ones that believe in the devil’s existence ) wants to win? What do they think the Devil would do to accomplish this?… As far as I can tell they seem to think the Devil is on some kind of mission to get into Hell and it wants to take as many people, as it can with it. But this just is not the case the Devil has taken control of this plant. The Devil has dictated, what we learn, how we live. The Devil has dictated, who will rise and who will fall. The Devil, Christ an the rest of the betrayers have been the force behind all religious books and an immensity of non-religious book. The Devil is the reason for all the illness in the world. The Devil is the one that is telling you to pray to God! And the Devil is the one who invented Christ. And in the end, the Devil wants to “destroy all of us”.
They think that God and Christ will give them eternal life but they bring only eternal Death!
To escape the Devil, you run to God. But you have run nowhere. And you have achieved nothing, that the Devil does not want you to do.

I saw a headline that said the Devil wants your soul. The Devil wants to use you to Kill, Our Father and Mother. Then it wants to use you, and watch you die into nothingness. It cares nothing about your soul.


You know the technology exists, you may even have a good understanding of technology. And if you believe in the existence of the Devil, all you need to do now is put two and two together. If you can do this, you will see what the Devil believes is achievable. You say who and what could take that amount of time? The amount of time is hard for us to comprehend. As hard as it is to understand what the stakes are. We see things in a human way, the Devil doesn’t.

This is a response to my posts. They are always something like this or they will say I need God or God will deal with me

[I laughed my fucking ass off at the crap on this page. Religion is one of my passions and I have read countless books on the subject. I believe in God: The Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 
Thanks for the good laughs, keep up the good work.]

In this post the writer is implying that I voice my opinion based on literature and unlike him, I don’t get it. I have never bought a religious book in my life Nor do I have any intentions of doing so. I base my post on life experiences. I do not have to read it I have lived it. I understand how hard it is to accept what I say. I know of no easy way to say it. The evil is here. And it has set up an elaborate deception that is hard to see and harder to comprehend, the magnitude of what has happened.

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