Once again it’s time for Prophecy Man!

Once again it’s time for Prophecy Man!

The World likes a Prophetic Warning! So for this post, that’s what I’ll Post.

I’ll tell you because I’m psychic, Prophecy Man!

And listen good because they’re here to “take you down!”

Twelve prophets couldn’t hold a candle to me! I’m Prophet Supreme!

I make predictions I’m psychic, I have a crystal ball. I have potions and small bags of protection, white candles!

I cover it all.

Okay, let’s go, what do I see!

The country was thrown into turmoil when Civil War broke out and the Speaker of the House by some happenstance became President! Immediately declare that conglomerates were corporations and corporations were companies and companies were good and good was god extended. So, therefore, in order to save the country from adverse and misleading information all social media and internet activities would be handed over to a new emerging Quantum Computer Conglomerate Corporation Alpha-Beta. Alpha-Beta had stunningly emerged from a battle of Silicon Titans with, amongst other things acquiring the ownership of Google, Hp, IBM, iRobot. It was during this time that Alpha-Beta activated its new Google Quantum search platform fondly referred to as Quantum Vicky! With Alpha-Beta in place, it was decreed that a new election to ensure honesty and integrity commence immediately. In a mind-boggling absolutely unforeseeable event two individuals named Mark and Jack who had  announced their run for the Presidency, Vice Presidency on the Q-Bit 42 Platform Party Ticket, Won the presidency!

They won in an apparent landslide that was Harold as the most secure and honest election in history on the internet. After all, the election was controlled and the votes counted by Quantum Vicky the infallible. Although hailed as harbingers of free speech in a short time they became infamously known as being maliciously dictatorial. The country started to refer to them as Muck & Myer for hire.

Border disputes have become a thing of the past along with border walls when President Mark and Vice President Jack negotiated the purchase of Mexico. And is now known as the state of Me-xico! There was a short discussion about putting a border wall along Mexico’s South American Border. But it was quickly pointed out that everybody had already moved from South America, And that the only people left in South America were Cocaine & Fruit farmers and Ayahuasca drinkers, and they weren’t going anywhere. Ayahuasca drinkers, it was rumored were starting to claim extraterrestrials were coming. But nobody that heard of it really took them seriously.

I am Machine! 

Today Alpha-Beta has announced it would be Manufacturing a new line of state-of-the-art Quantum interface service android robots from iRobot. They are being manufactured for pre-selected customers consisting of the Ultra-wealthy Socially positioned Politically connected and Military connected.

These new state-of-the-art Quantum interface Androids come complete with the new quantum Mach 5 interface chip, otherwise known as Vick-coms 5!

The rise of cyber currency!

The World was again thrown into turmoil when (under the leadership of Mark and Jack otherwise known as Muck & Myer for hire) the United States dollar was declared worthless because it was based on nothing created solely to give the owners of 12 regional reserve banks unlimited wealth and absolute dominating control of the world! And was replaced (after wiping out a couple of other bits) with bit-cash, a cyber currency also based on nothing! But was a hundred percent guaranteed by Quantum Vicky! Who said the entire monetary wealth of the Country would be securely held at Alpha-Beta that oddly enough had the same board of directors as the Federal Reserve did. And that all monetary accounts activities would be meticulously monitored (complimentary) for the safety of customers! Which the company said was their utmost responsibility.

Although Harold on the internet as the  safest and most secure transitional monetary movement in history. It was reported in some of the larger urban complexes on printed news flyers that Millions reportedly still have not received compensation. Shortly after announcing their new monetary system the World (excluding China who refused to join) in an unprecedented show of universal solidarity unanimously voted to join the monetary system.

The war to end all wars World War 3

China upon hearing of the new monetary system accepted by the world declared this an unacceptable attack on China and declared war! The world outraged by China’s defiance retaliated and World War 3 became a reality! This war was being fought with state-of-the-art never seen  before Quantum technology!

Serious seemingly irreparable damages have occurred, in this high-tech War, And there are some that fear, Humanity will not survive! The government who always proclaimed its unbiased compassion for its people. And worship by billions as the holders of the sacred flame of compassion broadcast messages of hope daily. From their underground mega complexes to those on the surface.

Space the final frontier to go where no man has gone before!

Space is becoming a little crowded these days ever since Russia, China, and India created their  own Space Forces to compete with America’s.

I’m not saying it’s aliens but it’s aliens!

Stunning news shot around the world today when Space Force China announced that their new Outer Space dimensional wave-particle detector was detecting some type of never detected before signal! It is believed although at this time unconfirmable that the signal could possibly be coming from another dimension! America’s Space Force Commanders said they were monitoring the situation. 

And now Stage Two is coming to Completion!

Remember it is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them.

Well, that’s all the Crystal Ball Gazing, Messaging that I can take, What Can I Say, You’ll Keep Silent! Keep taking that Sweet Tasting Poison, but there it is Anyway, My Message Of Warning!

Psychic ability although believed by millions doesn’t exist. But what does exist is an extremely cold group that has spent thousands of years perfecting their psychological attacks.

The thing to keep in mind is their plan won’t work if things get better.

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