Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

No other Gods before him!

When God seems not to be concerned with being known as the God who shall have no other Gods before him!

The prevailing and entrenched belief; All Religions, from the beginning of known history, were written and controlled by the Devil! Including Numerous Religious writings throughout history in the Middle East, all except the Bible! The Bible is the authentic word of God! Unless, of course, you are talking about the Catholic Church, then the Bible is still authentic, just being twisted by the Devil!

Sounds logical?

What was the Devil’s purpose for creating all those religions? Why would a loving God sit there and watch the Aztecs race brutally murdered his loving children to a false god?

Building Temple after Temple to accomplish this.

This condition of acceptance, this condition of mind, could not exist without something compelling it in this world! Creating the frenzied fanaticism we see today!

The Being that told the Aztec priests to cut the sacrificial victim’s heart out!

It is the same Being that told Abraham to kill his son. And the same being that’s telling you to kneel and worship him!

The immensity of this seems logical and natural to the World, but this is not a natural happening!

You do not understand the power they have; they show you it in Abraham, but you cannot comprehend this.

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