BLC1 the Proxima Centauri SETI Candidate with Jason Wright

BLC1 is a candidate SETI radio signal found by the Breakthrough Listen project, the signal is possibly coming from the star Proxima Centauri and has a frequency of 982.002 MHz. Jason Wright is a professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Penn State.

The Devil’s got them on the spin again!

Has the moment been chosen, the trap put in place? The world’s walking to it with a mesmerized gaze unconcerned and full of Hope.

 All this intense fascination to find a signal?

What a mathematical coincidence we have? We have a world that is always in a controversy about God, Extraterrestrial, and the Ape Man who’s sometimes connected with aliens but never with God. Hundreds of people claiming to be in contact with both God and Extraterrestrial? And now a possible alien signal, from space such a strange coincidence all this going on at our planet in the middle of nowhere. What are the odds?

Is this the moment Contact is made? With their Curiosity set on high, the speculations are starting to fly. But it’s not the time for the Devil and Christ to blow your mind, even though this one will take a bit of time.

This is just hype for the cause like rapture announcement. Regardless of where the world is mentally in their beliefs, the situation is real, these beings exist, and they are moving forward! We are in an extremely dangerous reality understanding, knowledge, and vigilance are all weapons of protection stay (as difficult as it may be) in understanding and stay vigilant.

This is a two-fold plan, not all will be so enthralled.

You disregard this post you think it’s foolish, ignorant! But it is you who is being the fool. It is you who is embracing your ignorant about what’s going on right in front of your face. And it’s you who is deficient because you can’t be concerned. I know I shouldn’t rant it’s just I know the way you think… In the politest way, I’ll say it’s one-dimensional.

You have no understanding of what is about! Although the extraterrestrials (as they are called) will be sending a signal out (of this, you can have no doubt). There’ll be no aliens until the time is right, and it won’t be a beacon in the night. No, it won’t be a beacon in the far distance. It’ll be a message from another dimension you’ll, hear of it in the ayahuasca community. When they’re ready, that’s the place where they’ll be shouting it out! You’ve already heard Whispers from that community that the scientist can’t find. That’s them getting you ready acclimating people to the knowledge of them. They’re not going to find this group until they want to be found.

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