I want to cash my ticket in Black Thunder in first place. Sorry, Jack, we cancel the bets halfway through the race when we change the rules. What are you talking about? Well, you know we can’t lose. We’re like Gulliver too big we are the great incredible awesome we Are The Incredible Us!   It came to our conclusion a large group of people had figured out that In every race we, only run one good horse! So we had to shut the betting down we do it every time a large group catches on. What that’s rigging the race so people can’t win! People win, important people, big men, Do I get my money back? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the government we got ours. Oh, and thanks for toiling your life away just to bail my greatness out? I’m, too big I’m too big, I’m too big too big baby I’m too big. lol. That’s the way we run, rigged it’s how we’ll always run a race now we call it schmuck proofing you know they’re just dumb buffoons! Could you imagine having to eat with them?

I know the thought horrifies you. But hey, after all, they haven’t been approved! They might be scummy people, funny that?

If something’s too big to fail it’s too big to continue on.

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