I’m looking over a 3-leaf clover that I overlooked be three!

I’m looking over a 3-leaf clover that I overlooked be three!

Ahh, What’s Up Doc?

I’m setting up a trap!

Ahh, Why are you setting up a trap, Doc?

I’ve been manipulating this world. I’ve been working on them, setting them up for this trap for a while now.

Ahh, How are you going to do it, Doc?

With this high-tech piece of equipment, I stole it from some unsuspecting terraformers after I messed a few of them up.

Ahh, how’s it work Doc?

Well, it pulls on the forces of gravity, building it up so to speak. And then you release the gravity, and this will give the planet a nudge.

Ahh, Where do you want to nudge the Planet to Doc?

Well, that’s the trick, I don’t want to nudge it anywhere the secret is to hold back just the right amount of gravity. And once you’re there, you flip the switch and Let It Go! And when you do, the sudden release of force will cause the planet to shake for all it’s worth! This is going to be one hell of a shaking I’ve spent a good 200 years sucking the Planet’s shock absorbing substances out I’ve almost have enough of it burnt up! 

Ahh, But won’t they hear it and know what you’re doing, Doc?

That’s the beauty of this piece of equipment as soon as you start pulling on the gravity. It messes up the entire weather system the only thing they’ll hear is a raging storm. And another cool thing that it does is when you pull back and forth on the gravity, it makes a deep moaning sound that sounds like a trumpet. And I’ve worked that into some of my manipulating literature just for a moment in their timeline. I’m in absolute enrapture in anticipation of the time it’s ticking away! They don’t have a clue, and they’ll never figure it out.

This also is them.


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