Greetings I, we are Photosphere Transmental Element!

Greetings I, we are Photosphere Transmental Element!

Like all our alien brothers and sisters throughout the new universes, no cameras can enter our sphere. We are Photosphere Transmental Element. I, we Will transmit a representation Communication to continue… 

When I, we were born in the colony of Atlantis… oops! Wait a minute that’s a bunch of crap.

Their monkey minded extraterrestrial spews are compelled by evils not understood!   

The meaning of life is a bubble machine? 

The Multiverse Millions of you and Millions of me! Millions of scruffies popping out from a cosmic Factory is the epitome of stupidity.

We’re in real danger one of their weapons is trapping us in divergent thinking. God any God all Gods are a lie, a fabrication. Extraterrestrials are a tool of deception!

Liars extraordinaire, the extraterrestrial pitchman always wins at the fair! But none convince the masses like the pitchman of God!

You want perfect go back to the only place you have ever found it in your mirror you want the truth come here!

What you think of me uncouth? I’m not on commission I, don’t have to be nice anyhow you get what you give. And you give me nothing but grief. You want someone to give you an easy answer and an easy way out. But you can’t even see the truth. How many sweet talkers will it be that will come? I’m here to tell you the truth. One is coming, but there will be two that will sweet talk you. With sugar lips, you’ll get cavities just listening to him. And you’ll follow him lovingly straight to your death. But now some of you won’t so easily fall for their tricks!  Nothing is Predestined! Nothing is Etched in Stone! I’m telling you, although I know it will do no good. For those of you who speak to God or Extraterrestrial what you are experiencing is not the truth.

With the extraterrestrials, they’ll do really good, but just like God, they can’t back up what they’re selling you (they can only represent a race, but they are a group). When they come at you, it will be with smoke and mirrors and a manipulative spew. There’s a number of reasons for the introduction of the quantum computer and Artificial intelligence Androids? One of the reasons is before they appear in the Persona of God they have to cure a lot of afflictions that people believe they can easily remove with the wave of an arm. And this the extraterrestrials will do right before you realize their Sinister truth

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