Is this a bad time to mention that they fantasize about killing billions of us!

Is this a bad time to mention that they fantasize about killing billions of us!

And even put up structures expressing this!

They think they are the Minds of Right enlightened. And these ideas (pure like them) of thought there’s, to rightfully hold.

But all of them are no more than encapsulated fools!

All you can encompass is being orchestrated for the advancing of a heinous act accomplish with the manipulation of encapsulated fools! 

They see a disease afflicting the World and it is us!

The question needs asking is this their beloved  cure?

That they’re handing out freely with love at the end of a barrel?

I’m not saying that this is so, but evil does control this world!

As you watch, those in power fiddle together in a song the fire rages on!

If you haven’t figured it out yet they have no honor and their word is no good. Are you seeing how their sickness grows? Or are you ill as they?

Let me try to explain a thing? The ones I warned you that pull the strings. Are sitting back they’re, unconcerned laughing without a care. As I’ve said before, they’ve raised and lower populations to suit their needs many times before. Going so far when the need dictates to wipe them completely out. And this is the beginning of their end game  but the question is what is the move?

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