Tomorrow morning when you wake up, aliens are lurking around ready to attack. (All right, let’s get the wrong going right from the start).

Our demonic enemies — are more lethal than any terrorist, or any murderer, or hardened criminal and they’ll be waiting for you. They have flaming arrows That God says are ready to watch for the exact moment to shoot at you a fiery missile right into your mind. Are you ready to deflect that missile?

The purpose of the Devil’s missiles (and aggrandizement for fear manipulation purposes) John says is to cause believers to forsake their trust in God. It simply isn’t the truth, there are a number of reasons the Devil is attacking you. And within these attacks, there are variables in degree. They are; he wants to manipulate you to run to God. Or to get you to believe in extraterrestrial.  He’s attacking to kill you or have you kill  (one of his favorites, two birds) or destroy you in some other way and feed his contempt for you. The manipulation of an event or manipulate you to be a shoe salesman so you can tell Fred your story. One thing to note depending on the situation and need, it may not necessarily be the devil that is doing the communicating.

Flaming arrow another aggrandizement. In the man’s defense, he doesn’t know what he’s doing! He’s trying to emphasize the power attributes of the Devil. This brings me to the real reason the Devil and Christ motivated this gentleman to make this video.

 The power of the Devil and the Demonic  Fallen Angels. He says this is what our lesson is about, and indeed it is.

I had to laugh at this poor enthralled mutton and his marker! Dr. John says My dry erase wide tip marker is Lucifer. Lucifer was created at the hands of God, and like all the rest of creation, God’s holding him. So that’s the fall of Satan, that’s where evil comes from, that’s where all the problems came from. It was when God removed his hold God let go of holding him. That’s the fall of Satan that’s where evil came from. That’s where all the problems came from it was God who removed his hold. God let go of holding him that’s the fall of Satan that’s where evil came from that’s where all the problems came from it was God removed his hold created at the hands of God and like all the rest of creation God holds it together you know what it says all things were made by him and by him all things consist literally hold together if God doesn’t hold something it goes like this Lucifer just fell out of my hand he’s Satan now down there on the floor let me get him.

Lucifer’s Rebellion they are Satan’s demons and they’re part of this Cosmic war against God they’re the supernatural super-powerful creatures.

The attacks on humans are led by the Serpent Dragon his named the Devil & Satan. He is a person he has a single focus as the Adversary of God. He was formerly Lucifer the most brilliant and powerful of all God’s created angels. Now as Satan, he leads the hosts of darkness in their relentless attacks. 

All the scientific science fiction movies are about these creatures with glowing eyes with powers that they have those are angels and the Fallen Angels the demons are what we would call the extraterrestrials the UFOs They are the demon, so there are all kinds of activity in the universe the real aliens that fill this universe and that all of our science fiction movies that everybody immerses himself in her about our products of Lucifer’s Rebellion they are Satan’s demons and their part of this Cosmic war against God they’re the supernatural super-powerful creatures

Now he’s the highest created being he’s the most powerful creative being he is the smartest created being. He was the most honored of all created beings ever. He was the top of all God’s creation until he fell. But he knows he can’t be greater than God.

God! What’s happening to the people with sin is a very important thing. People die, diseases ruled the world. God, Omni Himself, wouldn’t be, you would think, a fluffy puffs kind of guy when it came to the serious stuff! But old Omni Mr. Love He’s got to pause for the cause and tell you what a beautiful guy the devil is. Because this is really important to know! And another thing that’s important to know is how he was so adorned in the most precious of jewels. And Powerful, powerfully strong, almost as strong as God himself. Then he turns his attention to the Angels explains how their powerful evil, demonic and merciless! Now you could argue that it’s important to know how powerful the Devil and the Fallen Angels are. But when you can just wave a hand and say magic words and make them run home. How important could it really be? It would be, in actuality not important at all. But yet this man and many others are constantly drilling, this point home why? The religious don’t know why they just know it’s in the book. God, said it so it must be important, so they repeat it. But this gentleman is saying it so you’ll be scared. And run to God and cover yourself in all the armament of his words. To this gentleman, this is an honorable endeavor. And he has dedicated his life to bring the knowledge to as many in the world as you can.

There is a cunning deception here that you just cannot see.

All of this about the Devil’s power the Angels powers these are all ploy this is all manipulation the religious the Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, etc, can only see this from a religious perspective. But the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers are not confined to simply the Christian Doctrine. This is that main vehicle of attack! But they will cooperate with all religions in deceptive manipulation. All of this preaching conditioning it’s for an elaborate manipulative hoax! The power of the Devil, the power of the Angels, this critical need to know information is solely for a plane that will be heinously executed.

The Bible was written over 1,600 years by 40 different authors? Bits and pieces And that’s how they feed it to you in bits and pieces but that’s not the only place it’s in the music you listen to it’s in the movies you watch the holidays you celebrate 

God just let go and if you ever want to know where the origin of evil and how you know all this started and how the whole universe started falling apart think of my marker falling on the floor (Sometimes you got to laugh).

But wait there’s another philosophy in the land of Gods. Religious Jewish people say that’s all a bunch of nonsense and they’ll have none of it! They claim they have pages and pages and books of their own nonsense.

The only thing these two guys have in common is that God’s a scummy fella who is causing all of this, by holding it all together.

According to the rabbi, your no good, your no good, baby your no good!

WHO IS SATAN? He is not who you think he is. The Jewish and Christian concepts of Satan are extreme opposites.

According to this gentleman, God’s a pretty sick fellow but it’s okay because it’ll make us all mentally better! He is explaining their religious teachings their religions believe It seems they believe that we had to be brought down to the very foundations of repugnance to the point. Where will commit acts of violence that leave People face down in the dirt dead! Because if we popped up later on and mental evolutionary timeline we wouldn’t appreciate the absolute decorousness of a pretty dining room set?

Hey you, what do you see?
Something beautiful or something free?
Hey, you, are you trying to be mean?
If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean.

The beautiful people.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypkv0HeUvTc The beautiful people.

Ok, I’m going to spell it out you should have been able to figure it out really on your own. They believe in the right of what they’re doing. This mindset is what has compelled the growth of religion in all walks of faith. This is one of their most effective manipulative dangerous weapons in the Devil and Christ’s arsenal and they welded it with skilled precision!

Rabbi Mic; Four times more crap does not qualify as twice the truth! I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. Yeah, this was written down because we have a creep that’s been manipulating everything. God did it. It says so right here in the book! It was put there clearly put there purposely by Christ and the betrayers. And by a Being that tells you, he’s God and to kneel to him and beg for forgiveness and your life! Snap out of it for crying out loud you freaking bookworm zealots and look the frig around once in a while. Christ and the betrayers have written a lot of different religions. This is all part of their Smokescreen of confusion and manipulation. The main vehicle of attack is the Catholic Christian religion. This is the one they have the most psychological pull with. They have spent thousands of years. Gone through numerous populations and religions to isolate this deceptive and manipulative power. This is not only in the Christian Muslim and Jewish religious books the cunning manipulation is in all religious writings immense amount of literature music and all other branches of entertainment. 

Rabbi Mic says; That there’s not one passage in the Christian Bible, not one passage that shows that the Devil is subservient to God, not one passage in the New Testament showing that the Devil is subservient to God. Religion like so much else is a lie! What we are living in is an elaborate fabrication and elaborate deception of incomprehensible magnitude the individuals are real the characters are fiction as are all contributing Literature. We haven’t been brought down to the dregs of existence just so you can hopefully learn to clean up after you shave and go to work. This is design for multiple purposes one of the biggest mistakes the enthralled religious make is in the absolute belief in the narrow religious teachings. The Devil and Christ and the rest of the compromised betrayers are under no such constraints.

Both of these religious teachers are absolutely convinced within their religions. They’ve studied it intensely examine each other’s books. Both religions are convinced God controls all the good and evil. Neither is able to come to the understanding that they’re both being manipulated by the same group.

All perceptions are misconceptions.

Ape-man — God †★† Christ — Shiva †★† Islam, Judaism, Christianity — Extraterrestrials. Are all designed they are all in place for a division of controversy. No single prevailing thought can hold absolute acceptance this is all a strategical maneuvering. With the Devil and Christ prevailing with God in absolutes. With enthralled worshipers that are going to be used in the most heinous act of manipulated hate. And the world will be consumed in an all-consuming fire and no one will be saved.

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