Prophetic Word | BEWARE –

Prophetic Word | BEWARE – The enemy is banking on your compromise to defer your promise.

I’m sure in some places they’ll be people who will say this woman needs a shrink! Now I’m not saying that mental illness doesn’t exist. Or that everybody involved in claims of Divine understandings are not mentally ill. I am saying in a good majority of cases involving religious pitchmen this is not the situation. Although you can be both insane and in communication. Or an exuberantly impassion believer. One thing is clear even though I’ll be argued with they can’t all be lying. I happen to know from personal experience that they’re not. It’s complicated we’re with dealing with a complicated group that has for all intents and purposes an absolute hold on the world. If you don’t think this is so Listen to all Religious beliefs, Extraterrestrial Believers, With the particle smashing chip implanting robot endorsing scientist! Why do you think these different groups some radically absolutes about their beliefs? Those that are so prevalent exist it’s not a natural course.

All right listen to what this young lady is saying. Unquestionable immediate obedience! What can one say to this young manipulated believer? This is one of the most intensely drilled rhetoric pushed And the most dangerous. By an incomparable number of religious groups organizations, and Individuals.

To a lot of people, there’s nothing wrong with this. They see it as harmless, just people wanting to better themselves.

They have no idea they think they’re being faithful and true. But they don’t understand they’re a mechanism in a machine. They don’t realize the true evil, the true horror that they’re being used. The Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers have built a well-oiled machine they don’t have to do much the works being done for them.

Not all enthralled worshipers get a personal audience. What you are experiencing like so many others (if you are experiencing anything). Seems real, and it is it’s just your interpretation of it. Has been manipulated by a very evil group. I’m trying to explain, you believe what you are doing is commendable but you don’t understand you’re being used.

Here’s another video this truck driver tells an interesting story. Some more of that totally understandable normalcy. The kind of stuff you would expect on an Intellectually evolved planet in the middle of nowhere isolated from outside influences.

 I’ll leave you to interpret this as you will.

A preaching trucker; an annoyance on any CB!  Yeah, I bet he’s jamming it up and down (I’m over here now) the coast? The truckers just want to know where Smokey is Obstacles and such? But this guy or someone like him just won’t shut up. Hey, maybe they can find some nice person to step in and stop it. Like they want to stop all those bad disgusting people deserving to be shot. I mean it is a wave like a TV wave right. I can’t think of a nice person though?  I worry about some of them they’re not very bright. Well, that’s my spiel!  I’m Sky wire dry and I’m gone.

The absoluteness is a red flag no one can see and where their manipulation power is. There is nothing I can say to this enthralled worshiper he’ll only see me as the bad guy. That’s the way it goes that’s how it is with almost everyone that reads my post. I’m either evil or a fool or some point in between. They look at me, but the trick to understanding is to look at themselves. That’s the World that’s, how it goes I continue to post on.

The list is endless I, could go on and on and on. People claiming to have Communications Visions Dreams. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many videos  I post I could post them all. It would do no good, though because you’re too arrogant and stupid to realize all you are is a contemptuous moron without a brain. You think I’m crass, your Arrogance and Stupidity is our demise. But as you say there’s nothing to see it’s all perfect normalcy. Let me try to explain something to the immensities of mind that you know you are. Psychotic visions: don’t set dates and keep them. You’re dealing with an extremely dangerous group. They have no problem with leaving you for dead. You don’t care though, you know this is all a spiel funny how it fits in though hey don’t look at me like I’m abnormal. I’m just a reflection of all this normalcy.

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