Komm und sieh hier! English version (excepts it’s in American).

Komm und sieh hier! English version (excepts it’s in American). But nobody says American version. You could say we made it betterer.

When I say that, it sounds egotistical. I’m sure it sounds fine for them I don’t know I’m still debating that one?

I know what you’re wondering? 

How am I coming along with your brain? 

Well, I’ll tell you I had to break out the hammer and chisels, and right now I’m on a break. But from what I can see I’m going to be a while?

I’m Gone Gone Gone here’s a video while I’m Gone Gone Gone! I’m sure they’ll pull me back before long! But for now, I’m Gone Gone Gone. Spend some time cleaning up wash it all away! Speaking of cleaning my house, I might clean my other home. It’s really become quite scummed up? They keep telling me I can’t count how many times? I’m no guests this is my house. But if I go through the window, I better look out! I remember the last time I swung by my house, they come at me screaming I deserve to be shot! That I was nothing but a monster, a monster like them? I tried to explain, although I don’t know why I should have to? That I merely didn’t have a key. And I said, screw it and smash the window what can I say I’d been drinking again! I said, what the hell it’s my house, I don’t pay the taxes, on this dump just to house a bunch of ingrates. And I heard varmints scurrying within. They called the cops! The cops should have helped me get the vagrants out, but they arrested me instead. They want to hang me when they shouldn’t even be charging me with disturbing the peace. They should ask themselves whose side they’re on. I already know the answer I know what you think I watched you spit on them. You grab hold of this thought like it’s all you are to the point where you fantasize about it. I’m not saying one party stands in absolute over the other, but this isn’t a time for that, and the list is too long. This is about your deficiency of mind. You don’t, like my post you want to attack me while I sleep! Instead of the post that’s how your mind works.

I seem to have some confusion about the Contract on my house. I haven’t been here for quite a bit. I’ve been busy feeding my family and such. But now I’m standing there looking at you. I don’t remember telling a bunch of vagrants they could do whatever they like with it. They call them scum evil traitors on the finest of Networks. Not a one said there were good decent American Patriots in the bunch. Not even the so-called persecuted Newscasters!

Hey Joe, where are going with that gun in your hand? Hey Joe, I said, where are going with that gun in your hand? I’m going to shoot my Uncle going to go shoot my Old Uncle Uncle Sam. You know I have a new family now they don’t like, don’t like My Old Uncle Sam. And then I’m going to come for you come for you and your old man. I could care less if you think my post isn’t politically correct proper they have embarrassed the country for far too long. They have as I’ve said no honor.  And I would never trust less than a handful and maybe not even then to stand by my side when the going got tough! You are way out of your league, and you best wise up! 

And we need people with honor for a deadly danger we face, not this disgrace that is them. I know how we got stuck with all of you they’ve stacked the deck and loaded the dice. They want to make sure they don’t lose. You are all disgusting fools that need to wake up to a serious truth. Actually, they need to go we need real men and women, with Honor, not a gross perversion, or we will surely be doomed. There are two and few possibles though? As far as generals go, I know it is no better. In fact, I have less to work with. Give me some Truckers, Oil riggers, and Loggers. And Stretch and General Patton that the other bastard should die sit well with my thinking.


The Coming Man Of Sin – Revelation Chapter 6

He seems a sensible serious Guy.

I’ve got a Barn there are, just dead animals in it though I’m, just saying. I’m, just saying. You’ll still be here I checked! Well, what’s left of you, but that’s another story. None of this happened! They made it all up! Nothing is etched in stone. I know who’s calling the shots. The bad guys always win. They don’t understand their special puppets They have their own Special Shelf. I try to grasp where are they going with the plays they make. I don’t claim to have the playbook, but I do know what they’re going for. I’m trying to get you to understand you’re all being played, especially the clown performers. But behind the scenes, like in real life, (the one most don’t know) it’s ugly. What I mean by that is they’re manipulating targets scientists. Victimizing people as they go along, the Devil is very vindictive, and he likes to send those messages home. It’s really a horrible thing if you pause and think just how they work. It seems about America, especially to Americans. But also to a good chunk of the world. But what it really is about encompasses the entire world. The clowns do put on one helluva show. They’ve done a great job of shoving everything else behind the door. They think they know why but they’ve got it all wrong.

He’s not talking about the real man of sin!

 He’s talking about a false man of sin! Spin that one.

I’ll take the chair and my King’s robe. It’s good to be king! While I’m spinning about  I can’t help but wonder why the Devil always wants you to guess its name? They think they’ll get an Android Utopia Paradise but that’s not what this is about. I’m trying to stop you from being a puppet to destructions your mind cannot comprehend. You just have to realize you’ve been, deceived and you’re mad! Don’t get offended snap out of, it man. 

You are all being sucked into a diabolical sickness, a heinous deception. And because of the damage the Devil and Christ have done to you you can’t see it. But hey, I’m optimistic! 

I faced Goliath! And my throw has to be true. We Face serious danger and your minds have turned to muck. They’re not right you’re not right the other guy’s not right Uncle Martin is delusional just like everyone on planet Gaia. You all are being deceived!

This is a horse of a different color? 

I’m feeling the fun

This gentleman says they’re all getting it wrong about the Antichrist and the temple. He says the Man of Sin has no intentions of building any temple!

This is how the Devil and Christ are going to, spin it with confusion. Confusion of religions misinterpretation deceit of scripture are tools they plan to use.

Indisputable evidence? I’ll take it what you’re saying is what you have is the absolute truth. And you’re right you did your research good. What he doesn’t understand is that the writers were getting their material from the same place. And they made sure it made it through time to end up on his desk.

This is the lowdown, this would work with what they have. The Devil doesn’t want to waste time with Temples he wants your mind. (Which by the way he already has) This will work for their fake men of sin. How this will work is they’ll do a relay right to your mind! This man will think it comes from within that he’s been empowered with this power that it’s rightfully his. This man will think it’s mysticism, it’s what he’s been taught his whole life, but it’s science.

You want frivolous but what I have to bring you it’s a hard cold reality. You need to look at and understand think seriously.

See the truth of it, the horror of it for the first time.

Try to understand I’m the man trying to stop imbecilic nonsense!

I’m trying to break through a madness compounded by damages to bring you to understand. It is hate that has us firmly in its grip. Absolute hate.

I’ll be back haha I have a birthday to go to enjoy the moment. There might not be too many good times coming. At least, for a while, maybe forever if the world stays in denial. Remember you’re not reading a script written down by clowns. Even though some will say it anyway, but I don’t care about them! You’re hearing it from ( As they’ve reference me, they got a whole write-up on me, movies and videos. Documentaries Lecture Halls churches big and small Bookstores around the world) ( And none of them got it right the Bible was deliberately lying) the man first hand. Well, actually, The biblical man of sin is not me it’s the fake me. Not playing me at all

It gets confusing and it comes with a, Twist that people don’t make a connection on, which is a very important vital component in their attack.

Let me break it down for you; As I said it’s complicated. The fake me who’s not playing (I’m not actually in the book well not the real me they’re trying to masquerade me ) me at all. He will be taking out by the real Christ who is a fake Christ (killing me (I really want to stop this) who isn’t in the story) even though I am (which is in the story) Who is taken out by the real but fake Christ. who will Make An appearance  (not in the flesh) acting like he’s real Who uses the fake alien Christ as a manipulating deception to a heinous act of murder, destroying the entire planet anybody on it in the process.  (I think I got that right Yep, that’s it).To the winner goes the history books.  I want to be in a lot of places, but your mind ain’t one of them. There are those that do? And I really don’t care for crowds. But I want to stop the bastards that do. And we’re going to confront them. We’re all puppets to them they believe they can’t lose. They’re are intoxicated with a sense of invincibility. Extreme caution needs to be used they are highly intelligent. As far as the party goes, you can’t beat them if you can’t tell them to go…  

You say is this, man delusional if so, the world is delusional. If I were delusional in a delusional world I would be just naturally normally delusional like you. In a natural, normal delusional World. In which case, I wouldn’t know that this is anything but normal and natural. Which you believe, right now. When I know from experience that it is in actuality abnormal and unnatural. I know this is actually an abnormal and unnatural happening. The delusions do not rest with me, but you and them and all the other you-all’s and those. To you, everything is natural and normal, I’m delusional. And anyone who doesn’t chew the same Gum as you. Same with every other group. Where I know this is all Wrong. A madman can be so cunning a madman can be so cunning, but he has other desires. We are up against Madness enraged with hate. This is easy for me I live it. I don’t stand in the cosmic Battlefield sending messages. I’m like so many trying to survive like every other struggling stiff. But they’re not far away when I was you, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me of this, so it’s not like I don’t have a perspective on this. All I can do is present this information tell you the truth the best I can. But I know you’ll have to find it in yourself somehow to see the bigger picture. To see that this is an actuality as preposterous as it seems that this is happening. Not only happening but has been happening and you have been caught in an elaborate deception being played right in front of you. It’s going on and will continue to and it will climax whether you wish to believe it or not. The Devil’s time is short. They need to make this play work, and this is where we can stop them. And this is where they think we won’t stop then. It is here where we have to defeat them it is here where nothing’s is etched in stone.

And they shall say what is your plans for this giant And he will take a simple stone remember the name And he will hold it up and they will laugh at him.

I’ll leave this with a joke from Billy Graham; A man said, I hear Billy Graham is staying in this hotel? And another man looked in my direction said yes there is he’s on, this elevator with us. And this man looked me up and down for about 10 seconds. And he said, my what an anti-climax.

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