The setups in play.

The setups in play!

They’re throwing out nuggets they like to sweeten the pot! 

Is this one?

Destruction Comes!


Whoa! To America, they are telling you it has to do with sin. And not asking for forgiveness sincerely enough, but that’s not what this is about.

This will be strong, but this is not their planned big one!

It’s coming down the pike! It’s time to run some tests? See where they are on shaky ground. This is strictly an equipment, numbers check, but they’ll incorporate into it.

Ask yourself, has anybody recently moved?

Don’t worry about CERN! 

It’ll still be around it’s the biggest Scientific Research Institute in the World? There won’t be any big earthquake there. Unless there’s still planning on moving to China.

The Big One | California Earthquake Prophecy | Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Another victim of this evil group they’re keeping him well informed.

If you ever see a giant angel with a sledgehammer I’m wait a minute?… No that’s not wait a… I don’t really know where it go from giant angels with sledgehammers?…. So I’ll talk a bit about poker; In poker, it’s the idiot that’s betting at the table that can take you down. He sure his pair of fours are good regardless of what’s on the board. And you’ve got a strong hand, but it ain’t the best. There might be a better one out there trapping, but he keeps betting and betting he’s sure his 4 is good! He never bothers to stop and consider what the other players have he just assumes they all have high cards. That nobody would have three sixes or three nines like a great player like him. You know what he has the idiot pounces on it as soon as it flops. He doesn’t care he knows nobody else could be the winner here. That’s what this man and others like him are doing, approaching this like nobody could have a better hand. What he’s done he’s thrown a smokescreen over the game now you can’t tell if that other player is in the game or not. He stopped all of that with his idiot betting. The trapper doesn’t have to risk revealing himself with any plays now this man has done it for him. And you’re already too far in the game and guess what the trapper was there! The other guy couldn’t see it and you’ve been caught in it. And your plans have been ruined now you’re in serious deep water busted. You could have got out you know what to look for but this idiot screw all that up.

You have to snap out of it, people they are playing everyone. You’re convinced you’re right telling everyone what you’ve been told to tell. And another guy is in some monastery getting whipped because he sinned and falls short of God’s grace. Meanwhile, God wants to kill a bunch of people with an earthquake because people were bad. Not necessarily the ones being killed because God so loves his people And because he just wants them to get on their knees and promise absolute obedience and some are not listening are you listening? This is a serious wrong.

We are ensnared evil has us firmly in its grip.

I Stand Alone! With a bad hand. Goliath where are you?

I’ve got a plan it’s the best I’ve ever had. I call it winging it. I’m going to need the government and its military to do it, though. Like I said, I got a bad hand. Actually the World’s military. The governments are basically useless in a war (and from what I see, everything else) that would only add weakness. But plans need to be made (Not by them, that’s what generals are for. There has to be at least a handful in the entire world that’s actually a real General? I just need a Few Good Men is it too much to ask for? I need something more than a glorified button-pushing murderer. And get off your knees man you’re praying to something seriously wrong! And you have your men and women worshiping the enemy) equipment, needs to be manufactured ships need to be built. I believe this is one prophecy or prediction that’s going to come true. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before they’re cordial enough to converse. They have to get over their hang-up on reality first. Whatever one that happens to be and a misconception of their actual worth. I shouldn’t pick on them they are just dolls. You see, they cannot hear me even when I Shout. I seek to breach that which is unbreachable the ignorance of your mind. You think this is mysticism, but it’s science. And we can stop them maybe not in time for this disaster. But they can be stopped. All I can say, and I’ll say it again is that they are using technology. And that puts them on although, step-shaped, a playing field.

That’s my warning but I know it won’t do any good your brains have turned to…

Yeah, we could be there if the world wasn’t mad mad. Wait a minute there’s a man standing in my room smiling at me, it it has to be God! They call it a beam job? We just beam job him. oh yeah and they’re turning the dials when they doing it. 

The big one will come when they’re ready to set up their Millennium gun.

CERN they think with enough Prestige, they can weasel up a free cup of coffee. But they’ll be no free coffee in this deal.

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