The World has fallen for it!

I guess I’ll just step right into it!

They never saw the mighty Empire built destroyed long before they showed up. The decimated remains emerging from the Ashes. All they saw was the Devil’s spawn Savages that never evolved and never would.

This information was recorded, but they destroyed all records of it when they wiped out the Mayan Olmec and Aztec people. It was their museum of the past South America they build upon what was left. They spoke now in a different tongue. They were told of God’s and God’s to come. That was the reason for the mop-up operation to wipe out all recorded literature of the event. Those that were sent were extremely dedicated in faith and they used diligent thoroughness and religious dedication they thought though they were doing it for a totally different reason. It was reported as a mighty ball of Fire as a great flood. The World was told it was for a different reason truth with a wink.

The World was told it was because they were sinners a bad mutation they were called Atlanteans. They were the true possessors of your fabled Atlantis! Atlantis was their CERN.

When I came the first time, they rejected me (a chance maybe). Everything you’ve ever been taught about Christ is a lie. A Group of cold-blooded intent that’s who you’re on your knees praying to. Do you still think they can be reasoned with?

Understand they believe they’ve corrected last times miscalculations?

How long would it take long enough for Europeans to figure out how to build ships. And now you have a history, but you know none of this. The knowledge of this great past lost unknown to them. That they were worshipping their Destroyer as we are worshiping our Destroyer as divine love. This is our time now down the road we will be deceitful stories myths and legends. Our cities wiped out nothing left of the ruins. What we will witness history will tell a different story. Want will they believe (what have they been taught) when they read our story? This is old school for them we’ve been here before. Wiping out lives means nothing to them. One at a time 10 billion of them. Whatever it takes to accomplish the objective. As they figure it doesn’t matter how they treat you they’re going to wipe you out of existence anyway.

Understand a thing about this they work in reality. I’ll use the earthquake scenario to try and explain there’s a lot of talk about earthquakes. A lot of scientific work, they understand the science of faults line they know their effect when they move. So any earthquake, that happens they’ll say it’s a natural cause. Meanwhile, spokesmen for God will be saying he’s the cause. You’ll see one reality unfolding explained in the guise of another, and both will be wrong you see how they work deception, misdirection the rule.

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

You worship a God of love that’s taught you to hate! You hate me for sin, you say you attack sin, but it’s me you attack! Telling me, you’ll roast marshmallows with God while I burn. And you don’t even know what it means. But there is an out all I have to do is drop to my knees begging forgiveness. Professing my unworthiness and say I will obey with unquestionable absolute obedience.

Can you see the trap it’s diabolically cunning? The world has fallen for it!

Maybe not I get a lot of hate talking about this group of cold-blooded intent.

I’ll tell you another truth you’ve got a group whoring everything in your head. Your thoughts are their, thoughts your words are their words.

Have you figured it out do, you know what I’m about? You’ll know it is inevitable. This is their catalyst, In a speak, but they really are not too concerned with what I say they know I’ll say it. They play it any way they want. It would go down one way or another. They don’t have total control they do but not in the way they want it. They control your mind to a degree. But they don’t have (and you don’t have) a total technological lock-in. This is their Achilles heel this is where they must be stopped.

Understand a horrible truth we might not succeed if, so humanity is lost for all eternity. And a mentally sick, morally empty group, will Control humanity forever, never again having to pretend to love. You cannot see my words, just like you can’t see the destruction in the solar system for what it is.

We cannot fail! That’s the bait that brings me in. And gives them a concrete storyline. And that’s the bait that exposes them to failure. And that’s why I won’t have to tell you that there here.

Time is ticking scummy tick, tick tick! Maybe they found a way to cut corners? Tick, tick tick!

And what do I have to fight with you wonder? I have a pathetic government. So you see what I must somehow overcome a losing hand in a crooked game. Wish me luck! If I have any say and I will the worthless ones will be replaced. If there’s time? Time is an option I believe fate has not allotted us much of. And time is wasting away why you idiots debate which God has a better-looking enemy. I need Stretch and General Patton, and History’s Greatest leader, not the garbage that I see! This is serious, and I need the real thing! I want to point out this is this isn’t a defenseless family that you can just drop a bomb on. (Which is about all you good for) Those egotistical losers can’t handle the truth that’s who’s got your back. What do you think of my odds improved? These are things that are beyond their essence it’s not, their fault but I don’t have time for niceties to make an important point. Understand a horrible truth? You were put in Power by these Creeps and the World needs better than you. As for me, I already told you I’m a chess piece that doesn’t feel well guarded.

I could make a Comment about your criticism but you’d still be an empty man. I fear idiots will be the demise of me. I’ve walked a road no man has walked I don’t speak with frivolousness. We are in a lot of trouble. You want to keep sucking up the garbage that they are pumping into your contained limited life. While the other guys sucking in, the garbage they’re pumping them there ain’t a lot I can say to you.

Let me ask you if you were planning to wipe out a country and you had the ability to put any persons in positions of power importance in that country’s government. Who would you pick? But let’s make it the world? Yep, you got it, they’re idiots and that’s what we’ve got to defend the planet with. You’re being play, for an idiot or maybe a useful one.

You see the thick of it no secrets here. One of my games is to teach. somebody has to equip those who will stand with the tools to defend themselves. They’re not here we got, to go get them. I could go on but there’s not much space and it’s hard to articulate a coherence of understanding in this maze. I understand your hostility, anger, and hate but you have to rise above it. It’s a horrible truth people are going to have to somehow overcome this painful reality.

They have dummy people down so much they can’t see what’s unfolding right in front of their face.

They’ve brought you down to the point where you are a disgusting group of ignorant and thoughtless self-important, selfish, unconcerned lazy, uncaring people, shallow superficial justifying your patheticness as a reason to hate lashing out when you think you can victimize with impunity. You are short on honor.

This is designed to take us down.

I keep an action figure of Archer on my desk. To remind me, you’re just mutants.

Seeing how I can’t use my preferred speech, you can run away and go back to shoving your head in the sand now.

So there you have it, class dismissed.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name, mm yeah. But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game?

Woo, woo Oh yeah, get on down Oh yeah Aah yeah Tell me, baby, what’s my name? Tell me, honey, can ya guess my name? Tell me, baby, what’s my name? I tell you one time, you’re to blame.

So if you meet me, Have some courtesy

Have some sympathy and some taste.

Use all your well-learned politeness

Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mm yeah

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