What, can I say I have an attitude.

What, can I say I have an attitude. I would recommend getting out of your bunkers. I would tell you smoking is bad for you too, but it’s not in my nature. 

A rude awakening cometh! 

I play a tricky Game of Death. 

Time to play the game hahaha! 

And don’t you forget there’s a place you can pay. 

I am the game, and I want to play! 

It’s just a matter of time, something you don’t have.

Delusional it is mine? Stupid is too! The question is, why did I make stupid so damn good? I’m so impressed at how good I made stupid I’m pissed off about it? Maybe that’s a lie I took credit for that too. Books I love books you can get swept away in a book? Swept Away? Books I shouldn’t joke, but you know me, I don’t give a s***

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