CRAZIEST FIVE Predictions Of Elon Musk In 2021! | Dr. Gene Kim

The board man cometh Kim is a very dedicated pitchman!

The board man cometh Kim is a very dedicated pitchman!

Do you think if I told Kim he was being deceived, he would believe me, Kim, you’re being deceived nope that, didn’t work?

Today he’s talking about his favorite demonic scientist. Elon Musk.

Is Elon a benevolent Super-mind Or the egotistical maniac Khan you task me, Khan!

Elon, they think you’re a bad seed. A bad seed demon spawned. I’m looking at some of your pictures I don’t know?

He says the Devil wants your spaceships!

Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise once asked God why does God need a spaceship? When God said I will use your ship to spread my greatness.

Why would the Devil need spaceships?

There’s a lot of reasons, but if you going by the story, how long are you going to fare against God with spaceships that can barely get to the moon. And what are you going to do with a rocket that can go to Mars carry a grenade with you? This is almost as bad as a situation we face with the Devil/Christ. The Devil and Chris want those ships for another reason whose details require a later post.

Don’t worry the Devil doesn’t want your spaceship. He’s got one he likes better!

Your spaceship is kind of like a rowboat to their Symphony of the Seas.

As I’ve, said we are an illimitable existence! And that’s not it’s ship!

The Devil compromises members of this ship. We are not infinite awareness stuck on a computer chip we are unfortunate victims. Caught in some kind of Syfy Twilight Zone horror flick, playing out a no-win scenario! I don’t believe in the no-win scenario they’re presenting this as. I’ll admit this is a tough situation the smartest guy on the planet is an idiot. He’d be hard-pressed to figure out what to do?

I need a good rowboat. You know; One that won’t crap out when I’m in space! One that won’t Blow Me To Pieces as soon as I take off! One that is not connected to your scummy boss’s computers. I need a good rowboat! One that’s big enough for me and maybe (if they can be brave enough,) three of my friends? I need a good rowboat!

God, if only you could see it. God is a group of cold-blooded grossness that needs to be ripped to shreds.

We may be doomed even if you headcases figure it out, but we will definitely be doomed if you don’t.

Nobody can hear me when I shout, Look out! Danger!

It seems I face The Impossible?

He brings up how much money this man has or will have in the future. It matters not to the Devil. The Devil will make you the wealthiest man in the World. The Devil would make you a God of the world if he had the power the Devil cares nothing about that? The Devil wants to kill, Our Father.

We are an illimitable existence of time, and we are under attack!

 Now if you would kindly Wake Up to the horror that we face!

Look, it comes down to this if there’s a way they think they’ve fixed it.

There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer.

We still have a long way to go and we still need to flush the world’s governments…Into the septic system. if we don’t we’re stuck with s*** and all hope is lost! Don’t get all your feathers in a flutter there have, to be some good ones in the bunch. This is a little bit bigger than your bureaucratic brunch! All of it will have to be flushed.

You’ll understand when you figure it out.

 You bow down before the god of exorbitant mesmeric extraneous exoticism now. In other words, You are becoming extremely egotistical selfishly stuffing your face in a grandiose self gluttonous odyssey before anybody else gets it. And going mentally corrupt by having too many people offer to wipe your ass. And you’re starting to believe your own propaganda you’ve almost lost who, You Are. I think with some work you might get it back? I shan’t waste a drop of my precious time with scumbags. I know well the thoughts within, a man they come from a source of absolute scum. We face an Evil, focus in a jealous consuming hate! I walk into a new hell they are the scum of the world. And I know well how they think. From the bowels, I reach into the filth.

You asked why I rant this way the ones I speak to hear in no other way.

To them they are insulted to me I am pained I have faced an evil group now I have to deal with their monumental egos. They are obsessively egotistical self-centered. And I believe one of the designs of that besides destroying the world is to slow me down and wear me out. They have built an Immense wall of scummy egotistical powerful People that are actually stupider than dirt and have even less honor around me! And I have to break through somehow in order to stop this evil group. So yes, I am pained.

And there you were thinking Tumblr was just for trash TV.

 I know who I am, I’m Our Father’s Appointed I am for this show The King of Sin. My banner says Anti-God because I’m going for the head of the snake. Try to understand you’ve been played you’ve been one of their favorite puppets. From the beginning, everything you’ve been experiencing has been an orchestrated lie it’s clobbering time! See the true Horror for the first time for what it truly is! I just want to mention one thing they’re laughing, and I’m running out of time. 

How many billionaires how many multi-millionaires living in gluttonous greed? Sitting there with your inflated Pride I did it! You sit with gleaming eyes as you watch the multitude you treat as worms beg for your crumbs! I am disgusted by all of you and your trinket world. You sit in your glitter thinking that you are the all when what you are is the scummiest sum that walks the Earth. And that’s what I’ve got to fight with. You think this is demented but that’s because you’re Clueless in assholes “vill” I don’t like having to have to work with stuck-up scumbags. Understand I’m not saying a person creating jobs or something that benefits mankind shouldn’t receive compensation. I’m speaking to the sickening boastfulness gluttony that overbearing permeates existence. You can deduce what you like with that I don’t really give a s*** Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle like the government and Generals there’s got to be a few that are not garbage. I’m sure that’s you. I just got to stop thinking about a big oozing pus sac that’s on the face of the world. They’ll Attack your mind (they already speak)as soon as you see. You don’t understand yet but they’re always watching you. Yes even while you sleep so that you know. They think in absolute this is their time, but I think it’s time to f**** their world up..

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