A New Word is coming and it will be bad!

I bring news it’s not good.

A New Word is coming and it will look bad!

This news will shake the People of this World to the very foundations of our time!

Have you noticed the sickness that has overtaken the world! It’s starting to ooze red! There will be earthquakes coming more intense than what is. They’ll be reports around the World there’s one for America poor soul that will be caught in this tragic event.

The World has been seized by a horrendous evil the time is coming when the truth will be told. All the details are so horrendously horrible you wouldn’t believe me.

It’ll be a bit before this all gets out! But there is a time that’s coming soon when they won’t be sleeping and everyone will hear them because they’ll start to Shout! This Shout will be broken with agonizingly horrifying screams as a comprehension becomes painfully apparent that we all have been rounded up and placed in a slaughtering pen!

Immense Mental Agony will sweep across the World! Followed by intense fear and a shattering sense of utter hopelessness! That will stop the World in its tracks desolation permeates like an overwhelming haze. When almost everything, they hold sacred precious, and pure will be ripped to pieces and thrown at their feet without a care.

A New Word is coming and it will look bad! There is coming a time soon when everything will be thrown into disorder they’ll be a shout for someone to get the World in order….. So you see all markers point to the emergence of

The New World Order!

Hell has come! And there is no God to help us!

Nothing is etched in stone, no matter who’s saying it. Times are yet to happen. Right now, they don’t exist! I say, will give them a future one they won’t be able to write down!

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