I’m a Broken, Busted Man that walks upon this Earth!

I’m a Busted Broken  Man that walks upon this Earth!

And now, because I’m almost gone, I take the time and look upon this world. And it sends cold shivers, cold shivers up and down my spine. As a horror of horrors appeared, I thought for a minute I’d gone mad this couldn’t be happening here. I tried to tell somebody, but nobody would hear! I tried to tell them something horrible was happening here they all looked at me like I was weird. But everywhere Billions Billions of People were down on the knee! Worshiping a psychologically sick bastard that wasn’t even there. Hello hello, the Horrors that I would see and hear! 

As people all around so afflicted it can break you down were dying without any Hope. And they were Billions, Billions, saying don’t worry about getting sick God cures his faithful worshipers. They keep saying this, but every day the hospitals are filling up. But no one seems to mind that some psychological sicko was telling them he was love in their mind. So in my old age, I’m Broken and the horror that I see leads me to believe this world that I am leaving is a Busted Broken World that’s Dying too.

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