Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

So you think you’re a Romeo. You’re playing a part in a picture show We take the long way home. Take the long way home ’cause you’re the joke of the neighborhood. Why should you care if you’re feeling good We take the long way home take the long way home.

Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?

Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. Tried so hard to make you see But I couldn’t find the words Now the tears they fall like rain I’m alone again Alone again Alone again…without you

Have I lost my mind and gone mad? Let me look there it is looking, sad on the ground let me pick it back up and put it in! Well, it seemed almost like pieces fell down from the ceiling so I bent down and picked up the pieces. With no concern really I put the pieces in the puzzle. I looked at the puzzle and a stunned petrifying feeling of horror-filled every part of my body and then my smile turned into a horrifying face. When my mind started reeling, I knew our situation was bad. I couldn’t even imagine what I saw I was stunned horrified. When I put the last piece into the puzzle, all the pieces fit, and the picture was mind-chilling horrifying. I’ve told you from the beginning you’re being deceived, People, and I knew the situation was bad. I wish you were up but I have no idea when you’ll be able to come to a true understanding of who you are and what’s going on in our existence on this isolated planet.

I have forgotten, the price of admission pop in a quarter I’ll tell you a story. This all happened when I was a young man, a teenager when you’re first learning to drive a car. You know how it is we were young and thought we were Rebels. And you know how teenagers will go they’ll have their drinking parties and flare-ups and they want to go for a drive.

I’ll never forget her demeanor, gentle a kind of gentle innocence of a smart little twelve-year-old that knew too much for her Age. She said please we have, a problem, you have a friend who was in terrible serious trouble, and he would die a horrible death. Not too much later, maybe a half-hour and the young girl appeared again and said, what have you done, you let him get away and she vanished. He killed my friend that night in a car accident and he killed another person. That was a sweet12-year-old little girl and he took the leg of another girl. After I realized what had happened and how I had failed to save my friend. I realized the little girl I had envisioned in my vision wanting me to stop my friend was the same little girl he killed that night in that car.

I’ll tell you why this story is this is not the only story he’s done this to me with other friends other families people I don’t know and only met He’s done this close to my whole life he knows who I am and he likes to remind me that I’m powerless to do anything to stop him. And as I’ve said before, you just can’t see it, but I will not accept this they’ll be a time it cannot be stopped. I don’t take any of this lightly, and my focus is on them

They Cometh Destruction, despair, then your God the Devil cometh. Christ with his Apostles, you will see bursting into the air a projection like a big screen without edges. Colorful intensity beyond compare. Christ with Anime eyes will hold you mesmerized. With soft kind words, your hands will be clasped, filled with joy. Your fate sealed.

The Devil once look at me through the eyes of another and said, I like to watch them quiver. When he said that I thought it meant kind of shaking!

It’s hate that attacks me but I don’t hold a candle to you the truth crushed. The Devil plays a tricky game with me and he wants me in the game. 

Well, this challenge is indeed challenging. This presents me with some confusion to work out. Breakdown the math together he can kill me, but he doesn’t? He can’t kill me, but he’d like to? He can kill me but he wants this and he knows I am the chosen player so he can’t kill me. I think the answer is I’m the only one that knows the answer I’m the only one who knows they’re here.

He needs me functional either that or he’s the Evilest Bloodthirsty Killer, in existence. That happens to be a bad Marksman who can’t hit his Target?

Unfortunately, you can’t Kung Fu do mathematics. I use high math you can’t you won’t be able to follow this in an absolute understanding because I use math the world can’t comprehend even the brightest scientists I know that sounds like I don’t know stupid egotistical crap, of a scientist but, we’re going to have to run with it. You’ll see it anyhow it just won’t compute. It’s kind of like looking at the brightest scientist math on a chalkboard board. You can see the numbers are clear as day, but they might as well be hieroglyphics If you can’t read that either.

What I use incorporates hieroglyphics hydrographic, scientific equations and when you see it it looks, like simple words of Ridiculousness like scribble math geniuses do on Chalkboards I know I can’t do either hieroglyphic or Brainiac math. I don’t get mad at The Brainiac in front of the chalkboard. I get mad at myself for not being able to understand anything not that it helps! You have no understanding of the monumental frustration See, the problem I have, and this is going to sound insulting, is I sound stupid to dumb people. Never confuse education with intelligence somebody should have told you it’s not the same thing.

Now understand this has nothing to do with you. I could be sitting in front of the stupidest person in the world and the smartest. And they’re going to walk out the door with the exact same thinking. Is a stupid guy as smart as a smart guy or is the smart guy as stupid as a stupid guy? It doesn’t matter this affects something that rides above the education field. Like I say you don’t understand the math.

Now I can be on both sides of the argument with this. Any answer would be the same God the Devil yes no it doesn’t matter. I’m sitting with a group of religious people and with a group of atheists. Together they going to walk out with the same mindset they have when they walk in regardless of their intelligence level It rides above the intelligence level. Or maybe it’s under it. What you can’t comprehend is the Scientific Technology they’re using! Understanding they modified it. 

If I can get you to understand my math, you would be able to see it. It’s not about if you’re stupid or smart. Before you can read me, you have to learn how to see me.

If you have the wisdom to see, what I offer you is the key!

I offered it to the world.

Take it, it’s yours, but alas, you throw your noses up and walk away.

You cannot see the math I, know the equation, this equation needs an x w. wisdom. 

Which, you refuse like bad little computers to accept it.

I see you down on your knees begging God for understanding, I can’t reach you yet, but I won’t give up trying. You don’t understand, he’s your killer he looks at you with a gleam.

I never speak about me you don’t even see my picture. One of the reasons you don’t see me on my site is it’s not about me. It’s about my message that’s what’s important.

There’s a whole planet of people on their knees, and there isn’t a single person in the entire world asking why? Not one single scientist is trying to find this group. Why?

I don’t know what else to say, I’ve given you the bandwidth. I’ve told you where they attack in the brain And I told you how they do it. They using technology to communicate they use technology to attack. And I can’t get the attention of one intelligent person in the entire f****** world there’s something seriously wrong about that. But I know that looks perfectly normal natural hunky-dory time to eat a banana monkey. I tell you something this group, modified your DNA. Billions of people around the world on their knees saying God, Allah, Christ, Devil, Extraterrestrials, Shiva are talking in their heads. And you’re upset because you don’t understand why they canceled your TV show. What do they do instead they put the guy on the money never, seen the inside of a hospital, yeah the entire country on their knees. I’ve had my stuff up for years in the most preponderance I can get is when I’m going to put PayPal on! I got news for you this notes this notes for you. You don’t know me and quite frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn The only thing I care about is the absolutely impossible and that is to wake you up, wake you up to the fact that’s not your God or Allah, whoever you want to call it. It a cold-blooded entity of hate, and it’s standing right behind you breathing down your neck smiling, and you don’t have a clue I’m right, you’re wrong end of the story. Suck it up, and understand you’ve been played for a fool, and you’re being set up to die. I admit that I was a fool, actually, I was a fool twice. I was the fool the first time because I did what they wanted, and I read the book with curiosity I Was a Fool the second time when Christ appeared in front of me. But I was a smart man the third time (a Simplicity of encounters) I am Our Father’s Appointed and I stand alone. I Endeavor to wake up a sleeping world. I will say it again, people, this is not mystical mysticism, this is an absolute understanding of science! I believe therefore they can be detected we can find them we can rout them out! We have to start getting ready they are coming.

Ape-man your daddy God’s your daddy. Meanwhile, another guy pointing and laughing at you because he knows E.T.’S his daddy?

I say, Our Father is a highly intelligent being that came from a higher dimension to terraform, the solar system. And I tell you, that ship was taking in a cunning manipulated move. And the entity that had overpowered members of the crew this entity was using members of that crew to manipulate you into believing that your daddy was the ape-man God and ET so he can manipulate you in a position to kill you and I’m a raving lunatic?

I Stand Alone but I stand with knowledge.

I can find more people in this world that think that their minds king shit but I can’t find one f****** intelligent person in the entire Plane? And I’ve been looking for f****** years. I will speak to no egotistical idiot!

I’m not going to win this war the smartest person on the f****** planets an idiot.

He thinks he’s real smart though because he can count past 7.

The hardest thing in the world to do, is teaching a man who thinks he’s smart that he’s stupid?

I don’t have all the answers I know how to look for them but I’m not going to have the time.

I’ll tell you something you know nothing I’m done keep looking at your f email. You’ll find it’s like your mind nothing’s there? It’s a fine wine that went sour. I might be mistaken, it’s happened in the past and I must keep searching? Why are you are diligently working to kill everyone on the planet I must continue searching? You don’t like my words because they’re true it is the way. I am Our Father’s Appointed! And you are the one with the ego problem? I bring The Hidden Truth! And you have a problem with that. The situation is Extreme and it’s going to call for extreme measures to confront it. So, yes there is a chance and I am what I am for the moment because that’s what it’s going to take. We are under attack! The choice is not Ours? There is not an option to surrender? They are simply putting the pieces in place. They want to save the world because the world is our killer.

And I’m trying to wake up the World before they let the World know it?

And I need to find the smartest most honorable people in the world to do it. Because that’s when it’s going to take to faces this evil.

And the World’s ego and stupidity and a group of scum are in the freaking way! And you sit and wonder why I have an Attitude? And you call me stupid? I’ve walked the road! Like I said I may not like it, but I’ll wait because I have no other choices. 

I’m not psychic that ability doesn’t exist this is reality! I don’t know who reads my posts and when. Few like my words most discard me. I tell them the truth. Regardless of their religion or lack of it. The religious have been conditioned as well as the atheist. The Atheist sees me as an opportunist the religious see me as a liar or the Antichrist.

I’ll say it again to those of you in communication with what you believe is a higher entity. Are beings trying to deceive you and manipulate you! This is an extremely dangerous group, not benevolent at all.

My problems are bigger than I am and the solution is more than one man.

I am the Man of Sin.

I am Amor! Hahaha! I Am David.

I am every man’s worst nightmare.

And I don’t give a s*** what you think!

I am the toilet, bowl man, and I won’t be flushed!

Oh, by the way, your, money’s worth s***

The walls are thick.

No man’s, a fool, all have been deceived!

Doors to the left like I said we didn’t pick this fight!

I’m currently unavailable! The phone’s broken and, I’m done with phones leave a message if you want.

Sin stands for stopping imbecilic nonsense what they’re talking about I don’t know what to call that shit?

And in this, b******* I play King, but that’s not my name. And that’s not my game!

I am no little fluffy Puff that floats around! But I do have a busted bow somewhere? I don’t use it for love though. Love will kill you! You shoot her with an arrow!

I really can’t afford to wait, they are holding me back. So I got to wait but no God Stands with them. Damnation comes for them.

I am the holder of the winning ticket for a big f****** problem.

You ask when all this is supposed to happen? Hey, I’m the Mad Hatter how the hell would I know. I’ll tell you one thing I know we face a hora I’ve been confronting and trying to come to terms with my entire life. And when I tell you the choice is not ours that’s, unfortunately, the way it is.

They didn’t, come here, we did so as it, goes there already here. They’ve been at this for thousands of years. All I can say is we better be as ready as we can because they don’t care if we not. And I’ll tell you another thing you ain’t going to like they are getting ready to wipe out all the refineries! This is all going to happen when they stop running their tests. As I say what’s going to be coming is going to put, you unfortunate to the test.

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