U.S. Space Force has no idea they’re totally unprepared.

The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is a new branch of the Armed Forces. It was established on December 20, 2019

The 42 astronauts were asked what did the United States Air Force Academy Prepare them for and they will tell you we aren’t just Aiming high we are escaping our atmosphere and looking Beyond

God is a Lie! Christ Is a Lie! Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all lies! Any other Cosmic entity, you want to name is a Lie!

We are under attack!

God is a manipulation lie created by the Devil and Christ.

Because I am saying your adversary is the Devil, do not confuse this with biblical drivel. You are not dealing with mystical mysticism you are dealing with an absolute understanding of science. You are dealing with compromise terraforming scientists that now lack the ability to care.

Pick up your rifle General, face the Enemy!

And prepare to have your mind ripped to pieces!

You are kneeling to the enemy and the enemy is in the camp.

I’m sending you reconnaissance. I’m at the front line So to speak not the command center you, get what you get Kick in, your training! A summary is as follows: Command Bases are Compromised! Technological capabilities in manipulating the cerebral cortex are extensive. Their mental communication (motor functions, verbal, visually) abilities range from subtle to hammer slamming. Mental and physical damage can occur people with heart conditions are most susceptible. Visuals at quantum 3D levels have a slight visual tracking glitch. Highly advanced computers and Extremely sophisticated Genetic technologies for Zoological needs now modify for communication and manipulation purposes. Command and ships associated operate on internet technology a little better than our best.

It’s cold, calculated, full of hate! “It cannot be reasoned with!” It has no compassion! The Devil believes, he cannot be stopped! And It will not stop! He’s determined to kill Our Father and Mother and annihilate all of us in a process of manipulation to accomplish this!

Your crews and all others in the ships are in extreme Danger! Generals, you’ve sent your astronauts into danger unprepared! 

I understand the extreme difficulty in understanding this is a two-prong attack! They have highly Advanced Technologies. Their true and sinister nature will be revealed orchestrated by the (so-called) extraterrestrials themselves. It will be at this moment that they will go for Space superiority. This is an important strategy or play for the next step in the attack in what seems like a swift move of action. They will commandeer all spaceships all Satellites. They are cold calculated and without remorse, all they will be concerned with is eliminating any threats within the ships.

They need space supremacy during stage three of the attack. After the extraterrestrials have orchestrated their deception of being repelled space will still be in their control in that Satellites, systems, are inaccessible, damaged and all able ships will be satirically disabled. This is to keep covered revealing events, actions.

If you can acknowledge the sickness you see if you can recognize it as such. And that it has engulfed the world. You can begin to coordinate a decisive response. The difficulty is in getting you to comprehend the reality of this group and in the difficulty to defend yourself from them. If you can overcome the stupor that the world is engulfed in you may be able to formulate a plan. Without the participation of the entire world, success is non-existent.

You are kneeling to the Enemy and the enemy is in the camp. Maybe if you can get off your knees and realize what you’re worshiping! You can get around to helping save existence?

You can either stand with the World in its ignorance absorbing the mental manipulation. Or you can stand at the ready in the fortitude of knowledge, either way, even though they’re already here, they’re coming.

They have the ability to put thoughts in your mind. Why do you think everyone’s on their knees on this planet?   

As far as I know, there’s no off switch but don’t take my word for it. 

I want to point out I said command centers had been compromised I hope by now you know what’s meant by that. Sometimes when you talk to generals your only talking to them! And if you happened to be together thinking about this? Not only could some of them be them but they are also talking s*** in your head. And that’s one of the things you must learn to rise above s*** you think in your head. If you think you can win them over with love and devotion. You might want to wonder what happened to poor Enoch? If memory serves me correctly, he wandered off never to be seen again. Poor Enoch I’m sorry I somehow thought of that.

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