Combat Space The Final Battle Ground Space.

Combat Space The Final Battle Ground Space.

I suggest you get your asses moving there’s not much time.

And get me a f****** scientist you moron.

I’m getting damn tired of trying to wake up you damn near, brain-dead idiots! Now, gentleman, this isn’t a walk in the park, and we have a lot to discuss. And I want generals who give a s*** about what they’re doing. In battles you make decisions, and you gotta make them quick.

I’m going to try to explain it wants to make sure I’m the puppet of the World. When it attempts a manipulation of history like it has done with those in the past for us/ those in the future. They wrote me into a biblical story for a number of reasons. But mostly it was to manipulate you and if you question that just look at all the people interacting in religion?

I’m going to kill the Devil with a simple stone! Vengeance Is Ours! Now get me some f****** scientist.

I’m sitting here wondering all alone by myself

because people think I’m a clown

I’m sitting here wondering now and I do post on and I do I post on.

And I’m not going to let some no-good piece of s*** have our F****** Universe.

One little point I am King David / The Man of Sin and will be throughout the story but understands? It’s not about me, and when it’s over King I no longer be! Who needs that s*** anyways someone has to sit at the head of the people’s government. And I know, I don’t have to say it but, it ain’t going to be me! Hahaha

I suggest Generals if you’re sitting in a warm snuggly place Googling your secretary. If you’re sitting somewhere in the freezing cold? Why don’t you go somewhere you never been like where the Working Man is. Don’t worry I wouldn’t ask you to degrade yourself and roll up your sleeves. You’ll see some sitting in trucks walkover to that extremely nervous truck driver. And tell that person to starts the truck up and be as warm and cozy as you. Because only pieces of s*** sitting in warm offices tell others to go cold.

Now read carefully my words! They have you looking outwards for signals of Life. Another World they want you looking, outwards because you can detect them. You need to turn every piece of detecting equipment around and point in all directions around and about the Planet! And you need to clean out your ears. Listen, those assholes are sitting out there that’s why everybody’s on their knees telling you they are in communication? Now, go find those assholes, so you’ll start believing me.


I’ll throw so many rocks out there It will look like the stars are falling from the sky.  

It’s not just slingshots cannons I want it’s Nuclear Tsar Bombs Space Mines and Missiles.

And I want hard facts It’s the world that needs scientific proof. I already know that there here.. I need nothing I give you the key.

We need thousands of spaceships that will hold Cannons and  Rail Guns.

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