Eutopia Promised?

If you’re stupid and you don’t know it clap your hands!

What’s that you say I’m the one that’s stupid well at least I know it. Which by the way makes me smarter than you! Dammit, I feel diminished. I have already told you who I am. I’m Nobody the Doorman? That’s Mr. Nobody to you.

This is a lot like the Devil and Christ’s religious propaganda. It is in a way opening a portal to let demonic forces enter?

The power of Multitudes is power indeed.

Why are they looking for other dimensions when we should be curing diseases? Was Eutopia Promised?

They are Currently Working to Produce Millions of Artificially Intelligent Androids to assist. They are currently working to produce Massive Computational Computers to Interface with the Infrastructures computational data and Androids. And Conditioning you to Mobility Limitations Constant Surveillance and Absolute Obedience!

CERN they think with enough Prestige, they can weasel up a free cup of coffee. 

But they’ll be no free coffee in this deal.

ALPHA Experiment at CERN cools antimatter using laser light for the first time.

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