Harry Reid Says Most UFO Evidence ‘Has Not Seen The Light Of Day’

Krystal and Saagar: Harry Reid Says Most UFO Evidence ‘Has Not Seen The Light Of Day’

It’s the same old same old with a different face he’s just pushing a movie deal. I can’t even count how many people in government. Say the governments hiding all the information on UFOs while simultaneously giving you no information at all.

This group has talked to presidents before and they’ve communicated with other members of government Generals Admirals, the deep fryer cook. They are forked tongue slippery speakers. Who have spent thousands of years mastering the technique of manipulative deceitful persuasions.

Never call a quarter a dollar! This gentleman like so many before him Is holding up a quarter and saying it’s a dollar. If this was indeed the truth there would be countries all over the place trying to perfect the ultimate spaceship. Unless they sold out to a line of absolute crap The government needs to admit to a lot of things the primary one being the disgusting way they treat societies.

 What they don’t understand is the mindset of this group They cannot be reasoned with they will not stop and in their mind they believe they can’t lose.

If this is true and I have no reasons to believe it is. How is it every member in government all scientists involved and the military are all in agreement to betray every country in the world by hiding this information that seems pretty preposterous and why is it that they only seem to crash in remote places?

The government doesn’t care if you “think stupid” it likes it when you do that. 

I agree with him (although I believe he’s just saying that for effect) that a serious scientific look at this needs to happen. And everything from previous reports should be done as soon as possible. The problem is you don’t understand what you’re up against.

Warp Drive and Aliens: Bryan Gaensler Public Lecture.

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