That look of indignation about covered it.

When you’re under assault, one thing you learn is the different ways your enemy will assault you? At the moment, I’m trying to work through the wreckage! 

You have to know you have to be able to admit to yourself when you need more than yourself to overcome a dangerous situation. After dropping to the floor one time too many and having wave after wave of despair and absolute doom came over me I knew it was time to seek that help!

They hit me hard, from time to time. And I post what I’ve learned. And this hit was something like being dragged through some kind of f***** upness.

I was in a disagreeable mood they said it was because my sodium level was extremely low.

Sodium low sodium level I had thoughts of Sci-fi Alien Salt Suckers! Come closer I just want to suck out your salt! They gave me a bag of saline solution and then wheeled me off to Intensive Care

After I was somewhat patch up they brought me to the Mental Health Ward.

Yes, it seems my low salt levels brought on by an unknown medical condition that they had discovered wasn’t the only problem I was having which coincidentally fed right into the salt deficiency or vice versa. You hear a lot about how you should avoid salt and salt is bad for you especially if you have a heart condition. But there is an extremely dangerous situation with your salt becoming dangerously low that they’re almost in absolute Silence about. Low salt levels can make you irritable enraged. It can accent ongoing psychosis.

I was seated at a Round Table observing those who would judge me unfit! And I begin to tell them a few things about my history. About things, I had encountered phenomena that could not be so easily explained? 

So I asked them  what did they understand about the Devil and Christ and Religion? I asked them if they had an understanding of the Devil and Christ and their manipulative plan?

And this is what they said in unison.

Was ist das?

No comprendo? Yep, that was it in a nutshell.

I got a few words for your profession you went for the easy answer you took the easy way out! Since its Inception it has dropped the ball, missing blatantly what is right in front of its face. And they won’t get off their asses to do anything they don’t absolutely have to. Contrary to what you might believe this is not a post  to bash the mental health professionals (Some of them are very caring professional people) this is to bring to light a misconception. And hey If there’s somethin’ strange going on in your mind who ya gonna call? (psychosisbusters)

Humanity has become too sick to see to acknowledge even to care.

I wasn’t going there requesting medication or something I thought would stop the voices I was looking for something to buffer the blow in other words dull the pain of their vicious attack hidden within. They run their Gambit on the same frequencies.. And as luck would have it if you want to think of it in such a way. I started getting medicine for an unknown medical condition that got me there in the first place.

So I asked them if they were willing to do any research work to get to the bottom of a few questions?

They looked at me funny with a look of indignation.

What I have and they don’t is years of exposure to this group from one degree to another. I have stated from the get-go mental illness is a real illness and can be a serious affliction. What I am saying is that the Devil Christ and the rest of the Betrayers not only understand thoroughly the physical and mental aspects of the Human Condition they have created these afflictions and are quite adept at working within these parameters. The mental health professional psychiatrist and such believe they fully understand what’s going on. They have concluded that psychosis delusion is all religion from the beginning of time has been the result of people going through some sort of psychosis. Anything they do from that point issuing needed medications therapies is given from this point of view accepting it as fact.

How is it that visions appear in cultural diversity but not in occupation diversity?

How can so many just write this off how can so many just ignore this?

This is Extremely Dangerous Waters! We need the best brain researchers to focus on this part of the brain and frequencies that could access it.

This particular kind of attack Combination of physical and psychological does not mitigate what I’ve said earlier. When trying to defend oneself from The Chair of Power Attack. There is no way you can laugh yourself out of an underlying internal physical ailment The chair of the power is used to create mental illness to kill you or to push you to God!

What I’m describing now is how they mimic mental illness attacks.

I know delusions by any name do not speak through others and predict encounters at some point in the future. And delusions do not appear in front of you or voices heard from entities predicting bad happenings for Loved ones and Friends

One of the things I go on is the belief a vision of Innocence is not delusional. When it can appear and tell me which of my friends were going to die that night in a horrible car accident and then follow through with that threat.

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