Our Father, God, and the Devil.

Our Father, God, and the Devil.

The Word “God” is Not A Name We Received From Our Father! That came from the Devil, it is what the Devil calls itself and wants to be seen as a God. 

Now if you are not of the Christian faith you still have probably heard of the Devil. And a description of the Jealousy the Devil has for Our Father! The Battle that happens and eventually the Devil ending on Earth. But this is not the truth! The Devil is jealous but he is also consumed with hate for Our Father. But what is not known is that the Devil is not an Angel, (Sorry, Angels Are A Lie) it is an outside Entity! Now what else, is not explained thoroughly enough is the Mind, or thought pattern of the Devil? 

Now what does the Devil Want? 

Well, first the Devil wants to Kill Our Father! 

He wants Absolute Obedience! 

The Devil wants you to Fear him! It wants you to call Him “God.” 

The Devil wants to verbally assault Our Father and “Laugh at Him Every Time Someone Cries Out For God.” I know most of you are not going to believe this. That is because you do not Understand The Mind of the Devil (and what has happened!) You Believe the Devil has been Subdued or Doesn’t Exist. This is Where Your Mind Fails You! If you believe the Devil has Been Subdued or Does Not Exist you take the word “God” or no God as a given and move on. You do not think about the Mind or the Power of the Devil. Now please understand he has done this Right In Front Of You, In Plain Sight! But The World Can Not See It!

You have become Brainwashed to the Word “God” and Intoxicated By The Sound of “God Almighty!”

We are at this very moment under attack!

The Devil waited until it had an opportunity to Attack Our Father and Mother!

That opportunity was the Terraforming the Solar System Creation of the world, and the Lifestream, and the 

“Technology to Run the Solar System!” 

Now take a moment and think of the Mind of a Being who can Create / Bring into Life, All That You See On This Earth, And The Concept of Love! What kind of a Mind do you Think He Would Have!

For a purpose, (to kill) our existence/ambiance has been altered, and our connection to our Father has been severed! When the day comes and you see Visions of God/Christ in The Sky and You Hear A Thundering Shout, I am God Hopefully You Will Understand What Is Happening! Remember the Devil, I am God supreme above all. Our Father asks all of us to call him just that, Father! 

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