So you think I make it up?

So you think I make it up?

I’m three steps to the Grave. I have better things to do in my short time. But am I doing it? No, I’m here trying to do the impossible, fix stupid! 

Atheist Agnostic Religious with all of them it’s some form of mental illness. All of them are playing a part being played, it’s just so immense they cannot see it. It’s not that you’re important well in a sense you are. It’s just that you serve a higher purpose to future readers.

God Extraterrestrials Extraterrestrials God an odd combination and yet both of these views are strongly pushed on the public with extraterrestrials making their annual re-emergence! The Devil and Christ hold no Godly Powers they need, extraterrestrials to create division. To create a backstory, extraterrestrials are a needed component in the devil’s strategy. The Devil has already conditioned the mind of the religious. To consider the Devil, as the Bible says, almost as powerful as God himself (and possibly better-looking).

And God needs an alibi for why he’s been gone so long, and now they’re beginning to set that up.

Something in the air: The increased attention to UFOs

They’ll Chum the waters as it were, but sooner or later, they’ll have to strike! With an actual benevolent contact and they’ll be (the world) defenseless. Behind the scenes, those in control will be, manipulated. They won’t be able to see the malevolence of this evil group.

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