Religious? No reflection on you.

Religious? No reflection on you.

You were raised religiously your Parents were/are religiously devoted. That love you very much and brought you to a  Religious service every week maybe more. And you have met some very nice people there. People you admire people in a position of responsibility, who often speak highly of God. And you believe very strongly in a loving God.

Unfortunately, like your Parents and the People you admire, you have been Deceived. This deception is caused by a Being that’s known as the Devil. God is a figment of the Devil’s imagination.  

There is Our Father and Our Mother there is the Devil and the Betrayers.

The Devil is a “Very Cunning Evil Entity.”

That has painstakingly taken Extreme Measures through many Thousands of Years (our years). To make all of this Seem Acceptable and Natural 

The deception that you and your loved ones experience is no reflection on you or them.

We Have All Been Deceived, All Of Us. Atheists have been deceived as well just in a different direction/way.

There are a few things you should know?

1 You have an Enemy! 

You need to Acknowledge You have an Enemy, If You Are Going to Defend Yourself! 

2 You are Under Attack! 

3 You need to Understand How Your Enemy is Attacking You! 

4 You Need to Acknowledge to Yourself, That You Have Been Deceived.

This group is cold evil they have caused the death of billions they have killed countless numbers in ways too horrible to describe and yet they are called vessels of love. 

You need to take a step back reevaluate what you’re doing what you’re worshiping understand what’s happening and why.

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