Tell Me You Love Me.

Tell Me You Love Me.

The Devil is a cold cunning  full of hate being that has Deceived the World.

Obey God, or you will be tormented forever they will tell you. They will tell you that you fall short of what God is. Therefore God is justified in his indifferent attitude to all the horrible things that happen to people. And the people believe what they hear and read to be the true explanation of why things are happening the way they are. So they line up they tell God/Devil they will obey. They ask God/Devil to forgive them they ask God/Devil to make them whole again. They will pray for God/Devil to love them Right up to the Moment the Devil kills Them!

Look at the large majority of religious Institutes full of fanatical zealots who will obey God Christ without question. This is what the Devil and Christ are shooting for absolute unquestionable obedience! 

What could possibly call for this?

They seek those who will unquestionably sacrifice their life in an all-consuming destruction of the World.

I’ll give them answers but I doubt they’ll believe me.

We are more than is understood, we are a highly avenged existence. We were here on a mission sent here by our Father to terraform the solar system This was a highly advanced extremely ambitious endeavor. This endeavor was thrown into total disarray when the Devil compromised a group of terraforming scientists with a drug. Causing them to commit an act of betrayal. The destructive effects of their actions are recorded in the damage done to the solar system.

At the time of the Anunnaki the Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayers hadn’t worked out all the details on how to kill our Father when they realize they needed to go in another direction. Keep in mind during this time they were also involved in the creation of all the religions in the world. They blew up or otherwise wiped out all the evidence of what they were trying to do and all the people they had been manipulating in their Quest!

And then they went into stealth mode this is when the Devil perfected the Mind (modified technology used for animal control) Manipulator! Incorporating mental manipulation into this strategy eg Voices in your head, visions of Christ!  This is how you hear God’s/the Devil’s voice they are using science to pull this off!

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