The Vimanas – Ancient UFO Ancient Aircraft of India

The Vimanas – Ancient UFO Ancient Aircraft of India- The Ancient Flying Machines

They start by showing a strip of India’s deities three-headed deities. As I’ve said in an earlier post this is nothing more in the tracking glitch. Which they had and still have to some degree today.

People don’t realize a lot of the stuff isn’t their deity busting through like picture night. They’re working these things through our sensory perceptions. 

The ships they have not bothered to hide the Devil wanted this info for the future. When Christ committed to the Devil’s desires to kill Our Father. They still hadn’t figured out a concrete strategy to build a massive weapon that would need a following willing to vaporize the planet! They found that following in Christ crucified at the cross! But as I stated they need controversy within religion and they need a Sci-Fi angle still to create more controversy. And supplying us with needed Technologies (and this is where they can be stopped) and Microchipping advantages. And the appearance of Christ is an intertwined event with the extraterrestrials coming first then Christ the betrayer.

The reason extraterrestrials and religion are constantly being brought to our awareness with religion winning at the moment is that both are going to be employed. They need both for some fancy footwork that they need to do. They have the equipment they have the technology to make this look like a very real happening. Millions will believe these extraterrestrials are who they say they are.

This video ends abruptly with a German swastika

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