They are using highly advanced computers.

The Devil

You know, I’m egotistical, I want to control a Man’s Mind! 

I have the technology, I’m that voice in Your Mind. 

★Even though the technology wasn’t meant for that I’ve modified it, I’m smart like that! 

Now I have a Mental Manipulator! Oh how I sat back and laughed!

I have a Nice Comfortable Cushy Chair, and a Cup. Yeah, I like my Cup I have it in case I get thirsty while I’m “in Your Mind”. But you know, I know, you know, something like that could never be! After all there is no Devil and Technology has its Limitations.

You may think there’s a God Or maybe you think you are one of the chosen, one of the few people that’s met God. But that being in your head is not the entity you think he is! The Devil is not egotistical so much as he is sadistic. We are dealing with cold-blooded hate the religious can’t see it they believed their Gods a Mighty Genie! Non-religious people can’t believe it they believe that Apes Ruled the Land and miraculously decided to get smarter (if only people could do that without a chip). All of them can’t be true but all of them can and are strategic lies!

They are using highly advanced computers. And extremely sophisticated technologies for zoological needs communication and manipulation purposes. 

I know some of you are going to think I’m crazy  I can’t get through to you the serious danger we’re in. These are strategic fronts God, Ape-man, Extraterrestrials. We are under attack not by mystical mysticism but by a complete understanding of science. Try to understand they need you to be both smart and stupid to accomplish that which they desire a free and clear run of it. You only need to look at the World look at the madness to see why they believe this is doable.  And don’t forget the power they have with the mental manipulator this is not to be underestimated they can Implement thoughts they can talk directly you’ll hear this from people claiming God has spoken to them this is how they do it. And they can create visions of anything they like while they’re communicating this is powerful stuff hard not to succumb to.

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