This is a Religious Gathering!

This is a Religious Gathering

If you could understand the Magnitude of the Devil’s plan you would understand what is happening here!

They are compelled!

The Devil has so manipulated the People of the World. That he does not even have to show up to pull this off! They worship a God who’s never shown up. A Christ that has never shown up at a Hospital!

Christ the acclaimed definition of love for thousands of years has never offered a cure for any disease!

Billions of Religious People who can not see the Cunning of the Devil.

Billions of Religious People who can not understand what the Devil really wants.

They do not know how close the Devil and Christ are to achieving that which the Devil desires. To build a weapon so powerful it will consume the planet and kill Our Father.

Right now all they’re concerned with is keeping religion alive and going. They are always in control of people’s belief systems. One needs only to reference the numerous religious beliefs that exist today. And moving assets people around (think pieces on a chessboard). Strategic entanglement is one of their weapons CERN (A 1000 year employer) is one example with all its different branches religion is another.

The World has bought Hook Line & Sinker all their mystical mysticism lies! We are not dealing with mystical mysticism we’re confronted by a complete understanding of science. Rational intellectual reasoning needs to be applied to confront what so many are unable to see. Atheism, Atheist Christianity Hinduism Islam Judaism Catholic Etc. All of these they have created all of these they need for their future manipulations.

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