God and Christ are lies

God and Christ are lies both are attack platforms and the World has succumbed. If they understood what  Christ has become, they would understand why. They would not be so acceptable to this cold-blooded indifference. Somehow the Christian is okay with proclaiming  Christ heals the sick. And still, Children’s hospitals are full.

The Atheist sees the hospitals are full and therefore rightfully concludes there is no God. Here though is where their minds fail them! They assume if no God exists the Devil doesn’t exist as well and all of the religious are delusional.

They have led themselves into a false sense of security denying the sheer magnitude of religions all the churches synagogues cathedrals temples Etc. They are entrenched in indifference refusing to see a force compelling all of this. Including the atheist atheism and extraterrestrials enthusiast The religious and atheist laughs at all of this never understanding their enemy or the way they attack! It’s like an onion they have many layers that they fortify themselves in. Religion atheism extraterrestrials is a needed component in their end strategy.

They need the extraterrestrials in there end play they are actually the alleged fallen angels this is a strategic maneuver. The Atheist can’t put it together  because they can’t believe they’re conditioned to accept nothing. The Religious can only see this one way therefore they don’t see it at all. Why did so many angels supposedly rebelled? Why does the bible claim (remember they wrote the book) the Devil was a powerful cherub? Why is there so much talk about extraterrestrials making contact? Why has God been gone so long? Why are so many saying God spoke/speaks to them? (some of them are indeed lying but not all of them. It’s the same with the extraterrestrial pitchman the only difference is they have more liars). 

Put the pieces together see the truth for the first time. The truth is we are the product of two a Mother and Father. The Devil intends to manipulate us into killing our Father and Mother while killing ourselves the Devil wants our Father to see his children killed and the planet they love destroyed before he dies this is the hate the devil holds. They will go to extremes  measures to accomplish this they have no problem killing everyone to do it.

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