Christ and the Devil are deceiving the World!

Christ and the Devil are deceiving the World!

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, this can’t be right!

Religion is a stain that has spread around the world. Religious building after religious building yet no God stands in their churches their temples etc. Regardless of their religious preference, there’s no God standing in their halls of worship.

It is more than simply a case of mass delusion, you can’t have mass delusions. A mass delusion going from Country to Country, Race to Race, Lifestyle to Lifestyle, Rich to Poor, Educated to not so Educated throughout all time. A World where we are constantly told we have a Loving interactive, concerned God! In a world, you’re told you’re unfit, unworthy even to bring them their shoes! This is an important part of their strategy the putting layers on top of layers like an onion.

Listen to the Pastors, the Reverends, Rabbis, etc. They stand there so dedicated reciting words from a being they call God. They mean well like all the rest, go to YouTube listen to how they speak. How they know what they say is true, listen to how they speak of visions. How God has revealed they are the chosen ones. Some of them lie for a number of reasons. A lot of people will say they’re all lying but that’s a trap to divide people.

What you cannot see, what you cannot hear is the Sinister intentions straight into your cerebral cortex, they violate the mind Evolution Religion Extraterrestrial is their True Trinity Platform (their attack platform) that is creating what you are within This is Evil this is not natural it’s packaged Wholesome and Good for a Reason. In a place of hardship despair death.  A reality of delusion needs to be taking hold of and confronted before it’s too late! The world somehow needs to get a grip pull out of its delirium it can be done. But you have to be willing to Accept That You Have An Enemy!

It’s more likened to a subliminal pathogen they have no Godly powers But they do have formidable “Scientific Abilities”.

This group is Way Beyond hidden messages in billboards they work with subliminal Pathogens DNA manipulation and direct contact with Charismatic Individuals to propel the cause This includes the atheist as well as the religious. Divide and conquer is one of their strategies to keep them off-balance including those that believe. Excluding those that know definitively from direct contact, you’ll never convince them that they’re being manipulated.

What you are witnessing afflicts the Religious the Atheist, it affects us all!

The Devil works in reality albeit created reality suited to their desires. They don’t have to do much within this constructed reality to convince the atheist that there’s no magical being of love. Although sometimes they may use implanted thoughts if needed. When they want they’ll turn an atheist the same way they reinforce religion with direct contacts such as speech visions and dreams.

We are dealing with a viciously cold group that will stop at nothing to get what they desire extreme caution should be used with this group.

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